Yoga Makes Me Ill

Yoga is one of those kinds of exercise that I have always admired when other people do it but have never been brave enough to try it myself. I just told myself there was no way my body was going to be able to contort itself in all the different positions, and I was sure to make a fool of myself. I also wasn’t interested in the more meditative aspects of yoga, preferring to save my “Om” for a really good piece of chocolate (as in, “Om, this chocolate is TASTY”). Plus, I knew it wasn’t a huge calorie burner, and I’m the cardio queen, so if it doesn’t burn a lot of calories, I don’t want to do it! I know that mindset is a bit silly, and it’s probably why I don’t do more Pilates as well, even though I know it’s beneficial.

Anyway, on Tuesday my friend and I met to go on a walk/run, and when her son wanted to go back home after 20 minutes or so, she asked me if I wanted to try the Biggest Loser Weight Loss yoga DVD with her. I agreed, though I was more than a little nervous about this new fitness endeavor. We got back to her house, her son playing with his train set and her daughter blissfully asleep in her car seat (she’s 2 months old), and we put in the DVD. The familiar face of Bob Harper filled the screen, and with him are Biggest Loser contestants from past seasons, including the annoying Vicky (fortunately I didn’t really notice her much since I was focused on not dying). We go through a 5 minute warm up that isn’t too difficult, and I’m thinking, “This yoga thing isn’t so bad.” Then the real workout began, complete with downward dogs and warrior 1 and warrior 2 and who knows what else, and it was not long before I was SWEATING and gasping and trying to keep my core “tight.” There was more than one occasion where I said, “Is it OVER yet?” (The total workout, including the warm up and cool down, was only 30 minutes, but it really did seem longer.) Finally, the end came, and I felt…GOOD. The workout was challenging but not impossible, and I actually felt relaxed after it was over. I decided I was going to have to do yoga more often.

Then I woke up yesterday and felt awful. My body ached, my head hurt, and I was even a little lightheaded. Even though I had slept 8 hours and then took a 2 hour nap, I felt exhausted. There was only one explanation: evil, thy name is yoga! Yoga made me sick. Forget that I feel much better today and the aches in my body are probably just sore muscles. Clearly yoga has adverse effects on my body and so I can’t do it again, right?


Hello? Anyone with me?

Of course, this month is National Yoga month, so perhaps I should give it another try…

Have you tried yoga? Did you like it?

15 thoughts on “Yoga Makes Me Ill

  1. I really like yoga. But I really really love pilates…you should give that a try next! I think Pilates shows more results(some might argue with me) but it really slims and tones you…which is a good thing in my opinion:)Star Jones did pilates when she lost all that weight and she said it's what kept her from having to have surgery for excess skin etc…that it really toned her arms/tummy/etc. Me likie:)


  2. I agree with the above poster…I've actually never tried yoga, but pilates is amazing! It's great for toning, especially, and you feel completely exhausted after it. It's amazing!



  3. Well I can't give you an educated comment today but maybe by next week. You know my story… πŸ™‚
    I watched my newly purchased Yoga DVD last night – there are some poses in there that I just laughed at as there is NO WAY I can contort this body into it. When I watched the Pilates the night before, it seemed more difficult strength wise but not so contorting. I think both are good for you for different reasons.
    I do have to give it an honest try myself due to my joint issues I am experiencing.
    Oh and by the way… I betcha I'll be running again in a couple of weeks… the heck with them as I just LOVE my cardio too much…


  4. I like pilates more than yoga, but i think it's hard, too. I am ALWAYS sore afterwards, but immediately after a workout, I can tell a huge difference in my posture, of all things. I feel properly stretched and aligned. No sore shoulders from being hunched over a computer or aching back from carrying a 28 lb. child on my hip all the time. It does really help relieve tension in the neck and shoulders for me.

    I'd give pilates a try! Plus, there's the added bonus of less “empty your mind” and “focus on the goddess inside of you” crap. πŸ˜‰


  5. At the first gym I belonged to, I took some yoga classes. I think the best thing the teacher said was 'dont worry if you fall over, everyone does.' It made me feel like not such an idiot!

    And then the yoga teacher got fired. And then I pretty much stopped going to the gym.

    I have been looking for a good yoga class for a while. A friend of mine goes to one on Tuesday nights that is really cheap. I am hoping that she is going next Tuesday – I dont want to go by myself the first time because I dont know where I am going.

    After a few classes (or times doing the video) it is amazing how much it really helps you. I encourage you to do it again! I would also suggest trying a class, if you can, where the teacher can help make sure your stances are correct.


  6. I'm with you on this one. I did yoga this past winter when I had running injury that kept me from doing much else. It was so hard. But I could definitely see how it would make me stronger! I stopped when I could run again though. I just have a hard time balancing it all and having enough time to get my runs in AND do yoga. Ideally, I'd do both. But I just don't make the time (esp. with a busy job!!)

    Maybe you could try again. One thing that helped is that I used blocks to help make some of the poses easier. My YMCA had these, but I don't think they are expensive. Instead on having to touch the floor or your foot, you can touch the block and it's easier… and you can hold the pose longer…

    Hope this helps. KUP!


  7. Yoga is amazing. I've practiced it in some form or another–with a couple long vacations–for close to 10 years. The reason it hurts like HELL the first couple times is it's getting muscles you didn't even know you had!

    Beginner yoga doesn't have many of those those weird poses…but “weird poses” are really beneficial because of flexibility loss as we age. Yoga stretches EVERYTHING!


  8. My yoga teacher always tells us that yoga helps to release the toxins that we hold in our bodies. They always tell us to drink lots of water after doing yoga so that we can “flush” the toxins out of our bodies.

    You may have been sick just because it was your first time, and you REALLY got those toxins out of your cells. I bet if you do it again, it wouldn't be bad.

    Does that make sense?


  9. So the consensus seems to be to try Pilates. I actually was doing Pilates pretty regularly last year but got out of the habit once I started running. I really should pick it up again!


  10. there is a right way and approach to do anything. despite cd.s and dvd.s it is best to learn with a teacher. yoga can never ever make you ill. i can send you proper guidelines in case you are intereted. thats the best one can do over the net. practise yoga as a way of life. do not just look at the physical aspect. beleive me you will be amazed at the results. give it time (not much) and have faith and confidence in yourself. do not ever try to even do the difficult looking poses. just do/stretch as much as you comfortably can. you will be amazed how your flexibility and stretches start improving within a few days itself. do not just concentrate on the physical aspect. diet / habits / postures throughout the day / lifestyle changes / reducing stress / all these contribute overall. beleive me it is not difficult at all. if you are willing to give it an honest effort, i can confidentally assure you of positive results. i am willing to take the challenge if you are willing to follow guidelines. and you do not have to do anything which does not appear reasonable / logical /. what say ?


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