Friday Five: Words I Can’t Spell

I consider myself to be a fairly decent speller, but there are certain words that always trip me up. These words are ones I have to stop and think about (and sometimes Google) before I write/type them. None of them are terribly difficult, but as I was making this list I realized I have issues with words with double consonants.

1. Occasion. I always want to spell this as “occassion.”
2. Vacuum. This word doesn’t have a double consonant but double vowel, and yet I always want to stick an extra “c” in the word.
3. Recommend. The way I remember this one is to break it down: “re” and “commend.”
4. Committed/committee. Whereas with the other words I want to add a consonant, with these I want to take a consonant away.
5. Rhythm. I know this doesn’t fit in the double consonant category, either, but there are no vowels!

Do you have trouble with any of these words? What words do you always have to check for correct spelling?

7 thoughts on “Friday Five: Words I Can’t Spell

  1. I used to get confused about 'embarrassed.' But then I thought, hmmm…if I fell on my a**, then I would be embarrassed. Yes, it's horrible, but it works.

    I always type occassion, occaNssion. I have no idea why. And half the time I have a harder time spelling shorter words. Let's just say I put my spellcheck button to excellent use.


  2. Ohmygosh, at work I'm called the Spelling Nazi because of all the mistakes I catch, which shouldn't be the case considering I'm a director and the producers are supposed to be the ones who know best, am I right? Just tonight for our 9 o'clock newscast I nixed “Shelby Forrest” and “Sherriff” before air, thankfully.


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