Weekend Recap

I don’t normally write weekend recaps because honestly, writing about the shows I watched on HGTV and Food Network and the workouts I did does not seem like the most exciting recap, but this weekend was different. Stephen and I decided to make an impromptu trip to southern Illinois to visit his parents, and so after he got off work, we left on Thursday around 6:30 p.m. We made it to his parents’ house by 11 p.m., and after visiting for a bit, went to bed. The next day we made a trip to the local recreation center, where Stephen and I swam, Stephen’s mom walked 3 miles (how awesome is she??), and Stephen’s dad read. I tried to stay moving the entire time we were in the pool, and I even did some pull-ups using the handles of the ladder that gets one in and out of the pool. After about an hour, we both felt like we’d gotten a good workout. This visit to the rec center in Illinois was much better than the last time when my knee was all messed up. I am so glad to have that pain behind me!

The best day was on Saturday. I got in a good 30 minutes of running and then we drove about an hour away to visit Stephen’s grandmother. We had lunch with her and his aunt and uncle and his uncle’s dad at Golden Corral. Yes, it’s a buffet, and yes I ate too much, but it was tasty (it’s a really good thing we don’t have one near us)! And I tried a new way of eating a cupcake that I’d seen on the show The Best Thing I Ever Ate on the Food Network. This one chef talked about how she liked to take off the bottoms of cupcakes and put them on the top, so the frosting is in the middle, like a sandwich. I tried this method, and I’m definitely a fan.

After lunch, we got to go out on a boat! Stephen’s aunt and uncle were kind enough to take us out on their boat, so we spent a several hours cruising around the lake. We took our dog Bailey with us, and while she had an accidental encounter in the water, overall I think she really enjoyed the experience, as did we. Witness the photographic proof:

It was such a fun day! I’ve only been on a boat a few times in my life, and that was a long time ago, so I loved every minute we spent on the water. The day ended with a trip to Dairy Queen and some time relaxing at Stephen’s parents’ house.

Sunday we had to leave bright and early so Stephen could get back in time to work that afternoon. It was a quick trip, but a great one. I’m thankful to have married into such a welcoming family!

How was your weekend?

5 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. I will definitely have to try out that cupcake sandwich. Sounds delicious. So many things you learn from Food Network, I learned when you eat ice cream it's best to flip over the spoon so you get more ice cream than spoon…don't know if that makes sense. Glad you had a great weekend!


  2. “Witness the photographic proof”
    this cracks me up!! LOL!

    Your dog is adorable! I so want a dog–and I finally convinced Joe that it would be a good thing for us. Think of all the extra walking we would do!!

    Alas, we're saving our pennies for the apartment pet deposit and shelter adoption fees.

    It doesn't stop me from looking at puppies up for adoption online though!

    Oh–and speaking of Golden Corral–when our wedding fiasco happened and we got married a day earlier–we had the whole next to kill time until our hotel reservations that evening. So we met with all our family and friends (who were still snowed in) at Golden Corral. It was awesome. Everyone thought it was hilarious that we were hanging out with friends the day after we were married. They asked “Aren't you supposed to go into hiding or something?” haha.


  3. i do that w/my cupcakes too!!! and i LOVE that show. and your normal weekend sounds just like mine! looks like you (and bailey) had a great time on the lake! butch is not a fan of water…


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