A Little Dose of Happy

I realize this blog has been kind of a downer lately, so I thought I’d list some things that make me happy.

1. Being able to see Stephen every day. Longtime readers of the blog will remember that we had a long distance relationship the whole time we were dating and engaged, so I cherish all the time we have together even now. (I am sure longtime readers also probably remember my posts about Stephen as being nauseatingly cheesy.)

2. Watching episodes of Gilmore Girls. Yes, I’ve seen every episode at least three times, but I still find such pleasure in watching this show. It’s just unfortunate that the last season did not do the show justice at all.

3. Sunshine. I love how the sun creates both shadows and rainbows.

4. Rain. I love rainy days and clouds and cool breezes.

5. The smell of freshly cut grass.

6. Hugs, especially the all-encompassing, soul-warming kind.

7. Getting phone calls or emails from dear friends, or better yet, having a face-to-face gabfest.

8. Rereading a favorite book. I know some people don’t read books more than once, but I find it so comforting and refreshing, and I often discover things I didn’t notice the first time through.

9. Daisies. They really are the “happiest flower,” to quote Meg Ryan in You’ve Got Mail.

10. Lying in a hammock. I haven’t done this in SUCH a long time. When Stephen and I buy a house, I will find a way to have a hammock!

11. Reading a good poem for the first time. Poetry is like chocolate for the soul.

12. The smell of books. I’m not saying I want this smell bottled and sold like a perfume, but honestly, books just smell intoxicatingly good to me.

13. Finishing a hard run. I ran 5.2 miles on Saturday, my longest run yet, and I felt AMAZING afterward. And also ridiculously hot and sweaty.

14. Realizing that slowly but surely, I am starting to appreciate my body. I don’t know that I love it yet, but I definitely appreciate it all it does for me.

15. Buying clothes in the misses section. As shallow as this may seem, I still get so excited about all of the options there are when I don’t have to shop in the women’s section.

16. Laughing. Laughter warms me deepdeep down to my core, and I try to laugh every day.

17. Rereading all the emails Stephen and I exchanged during our long distance relationship. We wrote A LOT (I can’t help but call attention once again to the fact that “a lot” is in fact two words. Ahem.) I have thought about printing out the emails, but it would be an absurd amount of paper (like hundreds of pages).

18. Walking. Whether I’m walking briskly, looking like a doofus because of my fast-swinging arms, or just leisurely strolling, walking is one of the most enjoyable forms of exercise for me. And it’s so low maintenance! Just put on some shoes (and clothes, of course), and you’re ready to go! Even klutzes can walk!

19. A fire, hot chocolate, and a good book on a cold day. I can’t wait for fall and winter.

20. Reading the Bible and connecting and responding to what I read.

I think I’ll stop there. One thing I noticed is that food is nowhere on this list. That should tell me something, huh?

What makes you happy?

(And in case you’re wondering, I did in fact write this post at 2 in the morning. I have had a horrible time falling asleep the past few days. So frustrating!)

14 thoughts on “A Little Dose of Happy

  1. (you know me. I say never feel obligated to make things happy up in herre if it isnt what youre feeling…)

    what makes me happy?
    MANY THINGS but today Im going with the silence of the morning.
    the promise of the day.
    the NOT KNOWING what will unfold.
    the anticipation makes me happy.


  2. What makes me happy???

    Reading your happy post, of course! And CHEESE….and chocolate…and hugs…and my husband (and counting down the days until I get to see him again)…and DisneyWorld…and MOUNTAINS…and getting out a really good sneeze that was 'stuck' in my nose! 🙂


  3. I had trouble falling asleep all last week. I took some nyquil on Sat night and have been good since. Daniel and I have been getting in bed a little earlier and reading and relaxing our minds and bodies. It seems to be working so far.
    What a great list! As you know I love Gilmore Girls too and I've also seen every episode at least 3 times. 🙂
    I love that you are so real when you write. I'm so glad you're looking at the upside of things. Weight loss may not be happening for you at the moment but there are so many other things to be thankful for and it's awesome that you listed them!
    i hope you can sleep better tonight and that things get better for you! If you ever come to Memphis come hang. I would love to get to know you better. We have a lot in common with books and Gilmore Girls and our weight loss journey and we could cook something together!!!!


  4. reading is one of my very favorite things in the world!!! i am obsessed with books of all kinds.
    and spending time with people that i love talking about REAL things–not silly small talk. and my hubs and pets. and of course baking! (food is on my list…) and i'm glad that you pointed out that a lot is 2 words! 😉 great list–and congrats on 5.2 miles! that is huge!!!


  5. Oh and what makes me happy?
    Going to sleep next to Daniel every night. And always having a good book to read. And I'm never short of those. And cooking shows and Gilmore Girls and recipes!


  6. I love this list! I think you should print all those emails and make a little book to reread. It would be combining two of your favorite loves. 🙂

    Something I love: when my kitten Lulu snuggles on me. She has to be on my chest or shoulder and rubs her nose all over my face. It's so funny.


  7. -I really want to watch Gilmore Girls—I've only ever seen a couple of episodes. I want to watch them all in order though, starting with season one. I have a lot to catch up on!

    -Laughing should be a part of EVERY day. I love to laugh! I love that I'm the loudest laugher in almost every group setting. It's good for the soul. 🙂

    -Joe and I were long distance through our dating and engagement too! We have sooooo many emails and letters. It's kind of cool to have all that documented, and yes, extremely cheesy at times. I love it. 🙂

    -I want a yard with a hammock!! It's been years since I've been in one. And I want to try the whole “sharing a hammock” thing with Joe. That would be some marriage building skills! LOL!

    -And, I can't wait for fall and winter either! Fall is my favorite time of year!

    This was an awesome list!


  8. Yay for your long run! You must be so proud of yourself! You should be. Have you tried out the walk/run? It's working pretty well for me, and I've been able to get up to 20-25 miles a week without injury or much pain (except blisters on my feet!). Keep up the good work, and continue giving yourself as much grace as possible. You deserve it!


  9. my hubby and i dated long distance for 4 years before we were married! Ugh! We were actually reminiscing a few weeks ago about how hard it was, and I just cried remembering how hard it really was! SO thankful to live together now, instead of 1500 miles away! 🙂 Yay for your run, too! AWESOME!


  10. Regarding #1, yes, your posts were nauseating, until I found Ginny that is.

    As for #17, I hope you have them saved in multiple places.

    And oh yeah, I'm back to blogging, and I'm pretty sure this time it will stick!


  11. Love this. So, what makes me happy?
    – My family. My son smiling and being creative and independent and confident and having fun.
    – My husband, who is the kindest, most patient human on earth.
    – My dog and cat, and how they love unconditionally.
    – Working out, and knowing that every day I am making my heart stronger and my body healthier.
    – Napping on the couch on a Sunday afternoon.
    – Paying all my bills on time 🙂
    – Watching the Buckeyes win (had to throw that in)
    – A nice, crisp, clear fall day.


  12. Erin, once again, I am confounded by our similarities. Russ (my husband) & I had a long distance relationship the whole time we were dating/engaged! I TOTALLY get you on the blessing of spending time with your man. 🙂


  13. Something that makes me happy is reading awesome posts by the awesome people I have connected with through the blogging world.

    I love this post. You point out some pretty amazing things that we often take for granted! (I have never been away from Jim for more than 1 week the entire time I have known him!)


  14. Rereading all the emails Stephen and I exchanged during our long distance relationship. We wrote A LOT (I can't help but call attention once again to the fact that “a lot” is in fact two words. Ahem.) I have thought about printing out the emails, but it would be an absurd amount of paper (like hundreds of pages).

    Heh. Val and I were just thinking about this, being that our relationship was so similar to you guys at the same time. I posted all the emails and MySpace messages that we traded from Feb. 28 to June 1 during our courtship years ago, and it was like 300 pages on Word.


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