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I’m experimenting with a new blog look. Thoughts?

This post is going to be all over the place because, well, I feel like being all over the place.

First, the weekend. Things didn’t go as planned with my workouts. On Friday I was still really sore from my strength training on Wednesday, and I also just felt tired in general, so I scratched my workout, opting to rest my body when it tells me it needs it. Hubby and I went swimming Friday after he got off work, and we were out there for over an hour. While it wasn’t a strenuous workout by any means, we were active in the water and didn’t just stand in the pool the whole time, so that’s better than nothing, right?

I was supposed to run 2.5 miles and walk 2 miles on Saturday, and I was planning to do this. Until I went out to my car and it didn’t start, that is. Turns out my battery, which I just got TWO YEARS ago, was dead! So hubby and I went to WalMart to get it checked out, and we spent about two hours there. We had some things to buy, so at least we were able to multitask, but I definitely would have preferred not buying a new battery. Oh well, I am glad it was nothing worse than that. Anyway, the gym where I workout closes at noon on Saturdays, so that meant no treadmill for me, and it was too hot for my liking to do my run. I ended up doing 30 minutes of strength training, and while I only burned minimal calories, I felt good about making my body stronger. Here it is Monday and I’ve already gotten in my two strength training sessions, something I haven’t done all month! That’s a victory!

Even though I always have this mental dread attached to strength training, I love how it makes me feel. When I am lifting weights, I feel empowered and strong, not weak and flabby. And the fact that my muscles are sore the next day (and sometimes the day after that) tells me that I worked hard and am changing my body. So while it’s still not as exciting for me as cardio, I am trying to appreciate the benefits of weights and to work at incorporating them every week so I can really see the results!

Since I didn’t get in my run on Saturday, I decided to try it on Sunday. It was only 82 degrees outside, so I thought I would be fine with an outdoor run, but it was BRUTAL. The humidity was miserable, and it was all I could do to push myself to get 2 miles, and I ended up taking 2 walking breaks totaling 3.5 minutes. I ended up with 2.3 miles overall, which is a little shy of what I wanted, but I am proud of myself for not quitting but sticking with it! I am going for 3 miles on Tuesday, and I AM going to finish it!

I am still thinking through my post from last Thursday, and I am trying to figure out what my goals for next month will be. Right now, I am thinking about weighing twice a month, once on the 15th and once on the last day of the month. That way I can still check in to see that I am not gaining, but I won’t be so fixated on the number. I am sick of thinking about numbers! I have also considered just weighing at the end of the month, but I’m not sure I can do that just yet. I do know I’m not ready to give up on my goal, though!

Now, free stuff! Have you guys heard about SwagBucks.com? It’s a search engine that rewards you for searching! You can randomly win “swagbucks” while searching for things that you would use Google for, and after you accumulate a certain amount of SwagBucks, you can redeem them for things like gift cards, music, t-shirts, and other things. You can also earn SwagBucks by referring friends, which means that for the first 100 bucks your friend earns, you also earn! If you want to join, just click on the image below to get started or click on the graphic in the left column of my page!

Search & Win

Also, if you haven’t already heard, SparkPeople.com is a FREE weight loss website, and I have SparkPeople to thank for helping me lose the weight. It is full of wonderful articles and tips on fitness, motivation, and weight loss, and when you sign up the site will calculate a calorie range for your food, and you can track your eating and your exercising using the site. It has been an invaluable resource for me, and I can’t believe that it’s all FREE! So click on the graphic on the left side of my page or visit Sparkpeople.com to sign up! And once you join, look me up! My username is Erin1022!

I hope you have a happy Monday!

7 thoughts on “Ramblings and Free Stuff!

  1. I like the look as well; the text color and background is easy on the eyes, too.

    I'm worried about your battery going dead after just two years. I hope it was just a dud and not something wrong with your car. Or did you just leave the lights on all night? I've had my battery for five years now, and only had one problem recently but once I drove around for a while and let the car charge the battery it's been fine since.


  2. Jeff, I'm kind of worried about the battery going dead so quickly, too. Stephen's car battery is much older than mine was, and he's never had problems with it. But I think it may have been a faulty battery because the mechanic said something was wrong with the connector or something (that's about as specific as I can be with my limited car knowledge, ha). Here's hoping that's all it was.


  3. Swagbucks is awesome! I love that search engine!

    Although I have also become addicted to bing. I play games there – I have already gotten a couple of free things and am deciding what I want next!

    Im glad to hear that you arent giving up on your goal. And Im glad to hear that strength training is going better for you! I definitely understand what you mean about seeing the number of calories burned when you do cardio! I love those numbers as well!


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