July Goals Checkup: Week 3

July starting weight: 189.8
Last week’s weight: 187.8
Current weight: 189
GAIN of 1.2 pounds

What in the world?? I am almost back to where I started in June! That is not acceptable! I have to think that this is because I haven’t been as diligent about tracking my food, and I think that has caused me to indulge more than I normally would. How frustrating! I really want to get away from tracking every bite that goes in my mouth, but how can I when it obviously leads to poor results? Am I doomed to counting calories forever? Is that the only way I will be able to control myself? How depressing. That 75 pounds lost goal (186.4) seems even more out of reach now.

And now the part where I ramble about my goals:

Fitness/Health goals:
1. Burn at least 2500 calories a week. DONE. 3049 calories burned. Well at least that shows I wasn’t being lazy all week. I worked out HARD this week, and yet the scale mocks me.

2. Run 2 miles 3 times a week. DONE. I ran on Friday (2.6 miles), Monday (2.3 miles), and Tuesday (2.3 miles). I don’t like running on back-to-back days, but when I realized I’d only run twice since last Wednesday, I knew I had to do it. I am definitely going to do a light walking or biking workout today.

3. Stay within my calorie range 6 of 7 days. I tracked somewhat, but I really don’t know how I did on this. I originally was thinking that I did this 5 out of 7 days, but after the weight gain I’m thinking I must have done worse than that. Sigh

4. Strength train at least 2 times a week. FAIL. I didn’t do this at ALL. I have got to get with the program! Tuesday night I said to my husband, “I need to figure out some kind of incentive to make me strength train.” He said, “How about, you’ll get toned?” Ha, so right, and yet why isn’t that motivating enough for me?? I toyed with the idea of pledging to post what would surely be a horrible picture of myself in a bathing suit if I didn’t do it, but I’m not sure I want to subject the Internet with that kind of image. 🙂

Personal goals:
1. Read 3 books. IN PROGRESS. I finished reading The Time Traveler’s Wife and am reading a book called Better Runs. I have really dropped the ball with the book on worry, and I think it’s because I know I need to face the truths in the book about fear and worry, but it will be uncomfortable, and I’m a wimp. Sad, right? But this week, I will finish that book! I promise!

2. Memorize 3 Scripture passages. NOT DONE. I’m working on this, but I’m not sure I’ll have 3 memorized by the end of the month.

3. Organize the bookshelves. DONE. I finished this project, and I’m so glad it’s done! It was not fun moving all the books around, but I’m glad they are all organized now.

4. Organize the closets, particularly the master bedroom closet. DONE. I finished the master bedroom, which was my main desire. I plan to tackle the coat closet this week and maybe the linen closets in both bathrooms.

I wrote most of this post on Tuesday night and was going to simply update it with my weight on Wednesday morning, and now my whole view of the week has changed because of the weight gain. I clearly dropped the ball and need to pick it back up and get in the game. I am going back to tracking all of my food. In the hopes of combating my lack of strength training, I am going to make a fitness schedule. I used to do this all the time, but then I quit once I started C25k. Maybe that’s part of the problem. On the days when I don’t run, I just sort of wing it, and if I do that, strength training is not the first thing on my list of activities. So here’s my tentative plan:

Wed.: 20 minutes of strength training followed by 3-4 mile walk. (I may do one mile before my strength training to warm up and get my heart rate elevated.)
Thurs.: 2 mile run, 2 mile walk
Fri.: 20 minutes of strength training and biking or elliptical. I want to do more cross straining, so I’m going to try and do things besides walking and running.
Sat.: 2.5 mile run, 2 mile walk
Sun.: OFF
Mon.: 3 mile run. I am DETERMINED to do this!! I have to get out of the 2 mile range and into the 3 mile range and beyond!
Tues.: Stability ball and pilates workouts or rest day if needed.

We’ll see how having a plan works. How are you doing with your goals?

3 thoughts on “July Goals Checkup: Week 3

  1. Man, that must be discouraging! Still, you've lost a whole lot of weight, and I bet that a year ago you wouldn't have been planning on running ONE mile, much less three!! So take some time to be proud of yourself. You'll get there.


  2. I hear you…Jen's dad just had a set back in his goal. It's not fun but we need to keep track of what is going into are mouth (and maybe are head).
    Also, for us, we get lazy daisy… We don't like to do some of those things, like keeping track of are food. But you are running and reading. That's good and look how far you have come.


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