Motivation Is Just a Closet Away

Well, my goal of organizing the bedroom closet has taken on new urgency after this weekend. I had the privilege of seeing one of my dear friends, Lindsay, and she brought with her a gift: 2 garbage bags full of size 14 clothes! She has lost a fabulous 40 pounds and can no longer wear them, so she’s saved them for me. Isn’t that awesome?? I wear a size 16 now and have been waiting to get into a smaller size, and so I was super excited to see what she had given me. After our time together, I went back home and promptly opened the bags to explore my “new” wardrobe. Inside I found about 15 (FIFTEEN!) pairs of pants, 8 skirts, 2 dresses, 2 jackets, a winter coat, and a few shirts. I was beyond excited!

Then the doubt crept in. Would any of these things fit? Would I ever even get into a size 14? I’ve been a size 16 since February, and it seems like I’ll never get my waist to shrink any further. Still, I decided to forgo the negativity and worry and just try some things on before deciding I was destined to be a size 16 forever. I chose a very pretty patterned skirt as my first garment, gently pulled it on, waiting for the moment when it would get stuck around my thighs and not go any further, but lo and behold, I kept pulling, and IT FIT! It is definitely a little snug in the waist region, but I can live with that. Still, even with that success, I didn’t let myself get too excited. After all, it was just ONE skirt. It’s not like that meant everything would fit. But I tried on all the skirts, and they ALL fit! The pants were a different story, as all but 2 of them were much too tight to wear in public, but I was able to zip and button each pair. I have a feeling that within a few months’ time I’ll be able to wear them, which will be be perfect, since fall will be coming and I’ll need pants to wear, and I’ll have a closet full of pants to choose from!

This promise of a new closet full of clothes has definitely inspired and motivated me, and I am determined to give it my all in the next few months so I can get into those pants. Here’s hoping my stubborn waistline will cooperate and allow me to say goodbye to another size!

Now I’m off to make room for all this stuff in the closet!

12 thoughts on “Motivation Is Just a Closet Away

  1. Wow what a treasure! and how exciting you can fit into them. I think we are all harder on ourselves than we truly should be. Before you know it, they'll be too big!


  2. That is awesome! Its great to have another way to measure success!! Now you will KNOW that you are making progress when you get to wear all of those pants in the fall!


  3. WOW, a new wardrobe just like that! Great friend!

    Here's my thougth though – most clothes stretch, even just a little after wearing them for a couple of hours. So I think you should just wear them now because by noon, they will be comfortable! I promise Erin! I do this with all of my clothes and ya'll don't say anything about it in my pictures! But they sure as H.E.DOUBLE.HOCKY.STICKS feel tight when I put them on! I say do it do it!


  4. So awesome!

    I put on a pair of jeans today that fit pre-pregnancy. They were a little tight, but like Jen suggests, I wore them all day… partly because they motivated me to stay on track, and partly because I could just button them for the first time in six years!


  5. that is so awesome! nothing is more exciting than a whole new wardrobe!

    and, to answer your question, i ended up getting a full-time secretarial job at Southern Seminary. i like it, i have a lot of freedom, my own office, and everyone i work with is really nice. i still want to teach, but i'm ok with putting it on hold for a few years, while i focus on my writing =)


  6. Isn't that the best feeling ever! Courtney just gave me a gorgeous black'n'white skirt that I thought was too small. But I tried, and it fit! It's so delightful and encouraging. I can't wait to see pictures of you in your wonderful new wardrobe!!!! Keep up the good job! ~ L


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