July Goals Checkup: Week 1

July starting weight: 189.8
Current weight: 188.6
LOSS of 1.2 pounds

I’ll just keep it short and sweet. Week 1 was a huge failure. I didn’t meet any of my 8 goals, and though I could blame that all on being sick, I wasn’t so sick I couldn’t have read some or memorized Scripture, so that doesn’t get me completely off the hook. On the positive side, week 2 has to be better, right?? Here’s hoping!

I’m not even going to post the list of goals to review because I didn’t do any of them, but next week expect better things! I am feeling almost 100% better, so I have NO excuses not to give everything 100%.

I’m pretty certain the weight loss is a result of sickness and nothing else because I didn’t track any food while I was sick, and I am sure I went over my calorie range several days. Why is it that when I’m sick, all I want is junk food?? Does this happen to anyone else?

What about you? How are you doing with your goals?

7 thoughts on “July Goals Checkup: Week 1

  1. Honestly, this is a huge reason I am scared to post goals. I am completely afraid of being a failure. I know what I need to do for my weight. I know what I want to do, but I cant always find the motivation to DO it! Even more than failing, I am afraid to admit to myself that I havent met any goals that I set for myself. That is something I really need to work on. I am way too good at making excuses!

    I have definitely been on a junk food kick lately. It is terrible! Its definitely for emotional reasons. I know that, I just feel helpless to control myself!

    I crave junk food when I am sick as well. I think it is because it is easy – hardly any cooking or cleaning up required for it.


  2. junk food is comforting. that is why i have such a hard time! w/my health issues and everything…i mean, when your throat and head are hurting and your body is aching salad just does not sound good! pot pie and delicious warm carby things do! congrats on losing weight still though–i always gain when i'm sick. and i'm super impressed with the fact that you post your goals even when you don't complete them.


  3. I dont have any goals but you are sooo motivating..I might do some next week!!

    You rock! How do you keep your calories in line and eat with your husband? Do you ever go out to eat?


  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog to check out my gross sweaty pics. I sweat like a 350 pound linebacker.Lol.

    I try to set small goals. I can usually only handle 3 at a time. Anymore than that and I'm setting myself up for failure.


  5. So you didn't make any of your goals but you are still breathing and can try again tomorrow. It's hard work and you have goals listed and you know what they are.
    Junk food is a hard thing to stay away from. Really look and see all the junk food that pops in our face everyday. It's on TV, at the stores,on the radio and I can go on. We dart this all the time but sometimes the body just needs a bit a two. Let yourself enjoy that, share a treat with someone. Wash it down with water and Thank God you are still standing


  6. Amy, it can be hard eating with my husband, especially because he's skinny and can eat whatever he wants and not gain weight! I just don't eat the same things he does for breakfast and lunch most of the time, and for dinner I watch my portions.

    And yes, we go out to eat quite often! I always research nutritional information before we go, though, so I try to make informed choices. Other times, though, I just order whatever I want and try not to inhale it all! I do blow it sometimes. I am not perfect by any means!


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