Friday Five: Fears I Want to Conquer

In honor of the book I’m currently reading, Running Scared: Fear, Worry, and the God of Rest, I decided to list five of my fears in the hopes that I will one day be able to call them former fears.

1. The fear of gaining all my weight back.

2. The fear of not finding a new job.

3. The fear of failure.

4. The fear of trying new things (which is definitely tied to #3).

5. The fear of being disliked.

If you had asked me before I read this book if I am a fearful person, I would have said no. However, I soon realized that is far from true. I am afraid of a lot of things, which is why I also constantly worry. The book is really opening my eyes to see how damaging patterns of fear and worry are to my relationship with God, and I am learning so much. Here is just one quote I have been pondering:

“We tend to judge God’s words by our own feelings and sensory observations. If we feel orphaned, we believe we are orphaned. If we feel a sense of impending doom, the worst will in fact happen. If we are told that God reigns, but everything seems to be in chaos, we twist God’s revelation about himself to fit our understanding of the data. Scripture, however, reveals the things we can’t see with the naked eye, and God’s self-revelation is a higher authority than our feelings. When our feelings conflict with God’s communication, we must side with God’s interpretation.” (Running Scared, p. 68)

How awesome is that?? What we feel often is not what is true, and just as I have realized that about my insecurity concerning my arms, I’m also realizing that about the many fears and worries I fight every day. The truth is not found in feelings, but in God.

Do you consider yourself a worrier? What do you fear?

4 thoughts on “Friday Five: Fears I Want to Conquer


    Ok, really. Those are my five fears too! In order. Seriously, not kidding. We are twins! Ok, not that we should be excited about our fears, but at least its good to know Im not the only one!


  2. Its funny that you list not finding a job as a fear, because I would have thought that would have just jumped up to a huge fear for me. But it hasnt. I am strangely at peace with the whole situation. (Im even hoping for a month or 6 of unemployment so that I can concentrate on getting things done around the house and focus on myself for a little while.)

    That sounds like an awesome book. I just might have to pick it up somewhere so that I can read it!

    Something that I have learned is that there is no reason to fear things we have control over. You have control over your weight – that doesnt make it an easy thing to deal with but you are in control. So you dont have to fear gaining the weight back because you can prevent that from happening.

    And fearing things that we cant control is silly. All it will do is drive us crazy. Im still working on that one though!


  3. Val's the worrier in our marriage, so I won't allow myself to think too much about any worries. I'm pretty good at letting things wash over me and drowning out the Worry Monster in my noggin!


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