Friday Five: Running Songs

Good music makes exercise so much more enjoyable, so I give you my list of favorite running songs.

1. “Control” by MuteMath. This song always gets me fired up.
2. “Just a Girl” by No Doubt. I can’t help it, I love this song.
3. “Bittersweet Symphony” by The Verve. I love this song because it’s LONG and helps pass the time and helps me get into a good running groove. It’s usually one of the first songs I play.
4. “No Line on the Horizon” by U2. This is one of the songs from their newest album, and it has a great driving rhythm that is perfect for running.
5. “Classical Gas” by Mason Williams. This probably doesn’t seem like a top choice for a running song since it’s instrumental, but it always cheers me when I am running, and the rhythm really does work well for running. There are certain parts of the song that always motivate me to speed up and keep going.

Honorable mentions: “Clocks” by Coldplay, “Futures” by Jimmy Eat World, and “Mother We Just Can’t Get Enough” by The New Radicals

What are some of your favorites? I’m always looking for new songs, so please offer your suggestions as well!

5 thoughts on “Friday Five: Running Songs

  1. I am a country girl, so other than the No Doubt song, I dont think I have heard any of those songs!

    When I need to get moving, I usually go for Shania's Come on Over CD. Its just so full of energy!

    And 'Fishing In the Dark' because I simply adore that song! Either the orginal by The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band or the cover by Emerson Drive. Both are fantastic!


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