May Musings and June Goals

The end of May has arrived and with it the final weigh-in for the month.

May starting weight: 194
May ending weight: 194

Before I left for my trip, I weighed 190.6. So I gained 3.4 pounds while on vacation. That is the biggest gain I remember ever having since starting. I have mixed feelings about it. Initially I was of the “I don’t care, it was vacation” mindset. Now, I’m starting to feel a little badly about it, since that gain caused me to have a loss of ZERO pounds for the entire month of May. And honestly, I thought I was very active on the trip (I even worked out twice in addition to all the walking we did), and I guess I assumed that all the activity would make up for the food I ate, which consisted primarily of theme park fare. I assumed wrong, but I didn’t want to worry about everything I ate my entire vacation, so I didn’t. So I shouldn’t be surprised that the scale reflects that lack of diligence, and I am owning up to it and moving on.

Here’s a report on how I did with my May goals:

1. Exercise between 225-250 minutes a week. I did this 2 of the 4 weeks, so 50% success.
2. Complete the May Sweatsuit to Swimsuit Bootcamp. EPIC fail. I didn’t even complete one full week of the challenge. I guess the interest just wasn’t there.
3. Complete first 5k! DONE on May 9, 2009 in 34:19!
4. Begin doing running intervals. I have done this, but I need to do it with some kind of routine.
5. Run a 10-minute mile. Not yet. I have been running at this goal pace for a few minutes at a time, but I am not able to do a full mile. I am running an average of an 11:05-11:15 mile.
6. Read 2 books. DONE. I read The End of Reason by Ravi Zacharias, Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (hehe), and Change of Heart by Jodi Picoult. The End of Reason was very short, but the other two books made up for that. The End of Reason was also my favorite of the 3.

All in all, I give myself a C. I am wondering if I should start setting weekly goals instead of monthly goals, since I can’t seem to remember or stick to my monthly goals. Or perhaps I just need to check in weekly to see how I’m doing on my monthly goals. I haven’t been intentionally checking my progress, so something needs to change.

Goals for June:
1. Run, bike, or walk at least 18 miles a week. I think this is very doable, as that would be about 3.5 miles a day if I work out 5 days a week. If I am meeting this goal too easily, I will increase it.
2. Stay within my calorie range 6 out of 7 days a week. I have gotten way too lax about this, and I know it is hurting my efforts, so I need to step it up when it comes to my caloric intake.
3. Strength train at least twice a week. I have failed miserably at this the past few months, and I have to get back into a routine. I have SO much flabby skin that I am sick of looking at!
4. Lose 4 pounds. I’d like to lose more, but will be happy with 4.
5. Read 3 books: one I’ve already read, one fiction, and one non-fiction. I should easily accomplish this since I am only teaching one class this month.

I am not at all happy with the half hearted efforts at weight loss I’ve been giving, so June is my month to step it up and keep progressing!

What are your goals for the month?

6 thoughts on “May Musings and June Goals

  1. don’t beat yourself up about the vacation thing–at least you haven’t gained over the month! and it is good to give yourself a break on vacation.

    i have remained lax w/all my stuff but thankfully did not gain over our vacation. i’ve just been exactly the same for all of 2009! yikes! time to get geared up again!


  2. My goal is to get my booty off the couch and start walking more, and get my pregnant wife to exercise more and not let me rub her feet for two hours a night!

    (And if you can’t cheat a little on vacation, when can you? Just think of it this way, all that hard work the rest of the month was to make sure you stayed even after the fun week!)


  3. I know it’s obnoxious for me to say, but it doesn’t count as vacation if you don’t gain weight! Your weight will keep on going down, so give yourself a break…you enjoyed your dream vacation and now you’re recharged for another month!


  4. I understand the frustration with the vacation. It’s hard to find a balance between eating healthy and enjoying yourself on vacation. Good news is, you maintained your weight. I think you did good, although you may feel dispointed in yourself.
    I should write down my June goals…I hadn’t even thought of any….~ L


  5. I think you did pretty well with your goals; I suck at meeting goals, and I have a ton of respect for people who can meet them.

    My June goals are: 1.) Get a job, which is left over from, uh, September; 2.) Read <>Out of the Silent Planet<> by CS Lewis; 3.) Clean my room; 4.) Start going to church; and 5.) Start taking fiddle lessons.

    New mantra: Get a job. Get a job. Get a….


  6. I am in the same boat you are! I havent been really watching anything. I assumed the weight would still trickle away. I was wrong. After 2 weeks of not losing (or gaining) I need to figure out something else! I tried on the dress I want to wear to Jim’s graduation. It doesnt look bad. But I think 5 pounds would make a huge difference in the way it looks! (7 pounds between now and then is my goal, but anything will help!)

    BTW, I think your anniversary is coming up (perhaps today?), so Happy Anniversary!


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