Can You Feel the Heat?

One benefit of exercising is that I’ve discovered how much I love exercising outside. And I especially love running outside. I ditched the treadmill for the pavement about 3 weeks into my Couch to 5k training, and I haven’t looked back. Staring at a wall in front of me makes the time creep by, but running outside with the sun on my face and the wind caressing my skin is exhilarating. Even on mornings when it was 30 degrees outside, I would put on a jacket, grab my gloves, and be out the door. I get really hot and sweaty when I work out (exhibit A: the recent picture of me post-5k run), and the cool air offered the perfect remedy.

Now, however, summer is on the horizon, and that means heat and humidity. Today I went out for a run around 2:30, and it was 84 degrees. I had planned on running 3 miles today, and I started out slow and steady, trying to run with my dog, who soon was panting and letting her tongue hang out of her mouth. So after one lap I took her back in and resumed my run. The sun is out in full force today, and I could both see and feel the heat rising off the pavement. I kept running, feeling the sweat pool in the creases of my elbows and trying not to think about how good a cold shower would feel at that exact moment. The occasional spots of shade were a blissful but brief respite from the sun, and I soon felt my mouth drying up and my breathing becoming more labored. After a little over a mile and a half, I slowed to a walk and cooled down before going back indoors to the air conditioning and nice, cold water.

Today’s run showed me a few things:

1. I need to carry water with me. Anyone have recommendations for a bottle that is easy and lightweight to carry on a run?
2. I am glad I have gotten over my phobia of showing my upper arms because running in a tank top is so much cooler than running in a shirt with sleeves.
3. I am not sure I could run a 5k this summer in this weather. I have been looking for another race to sign up for, and there are a few in Memphis that I have been looking it. Two are at night, which at first seemed appealing, but even a nighttime race in June would still be hot. Does anyone have any suggestions for dealing with the heat? Will my body just adapt to it? Should I keep trying? I felt really weird after I came back inside, and I don’t want to overdo it.

This will be my last blog for a while, as Stephen and I are heading to Memphis tomorrow to drop off our dog with my parents, and then our flight to Orlando leaves early on Saturday morning! It’s supposed to rain the whole time we’re there (rain seems to follow us wherever we go), but we’re going to have an awesome time. Look for a post-vacation blog entry complete with pictures and maybe even some video. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Can You Feel the Heat?

  1. Not that you want to get up early during summer vacation, but even during the hottest part of the summer it can be pretty cool in the morning. I hope you have a great vacation!!


  2. I have an aluminum water bottle that i carry everywhere and it’s not too heavy. you definitely need to keep water on you!

    i’m bummed about the rain in florida, but hopefully we will both have great trips! kiss a dolphin for me! 🙂


  3. Enjoy your trip!

    The only thing that I can think of that might be good for your water would be a camel back. That way you wouldnt have to carry it in your hand.


  4. Working out in West Tennessee heat is the worst. No matter how hydrated you are or how good of shape you are, it’s going to get you sweaty and overheated. Just mowing my yard today wore me out. (Maybe I should get the self-propelled function fixed!)


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