It’s That Time of Year

Research paper time. I receive papers from my students today, so blogging will be slim to none for a while. I have a lot on my mind but no time to devote to sharing all of it with you. So for now, a brief update.

1. If you’re not friends with me on facebook (shame on you!), then you wouldn’t know that I had a job interview yesterday for a position teaching middle school reading at a local private school. I think I would do an amazing job, and here’s hoping the interview committee agrees! We shall see.

2. I cannot keep nail polish from chipping, no matter what I do. I painted my nails the night before the interview (because nothing says successful and intelligent like a good manicure), and they were chipped by yesterday afternoon! I can put on a base and top coat and still, the chipping! Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you for your help with this extremely important matter.

3. I have now lost 68 pounds. I still don’t think I comprehend how much weight that actually is. According to some weight loss comparison chart I saw on SparkPeople, I’m 2 pounds away from losing an Irish Setter. Cool.

4. I successfully ran 2.9 miles in 33:15 on Monday! I shaved about a minute off my previous mile pace. I am still nervous about next Saturday, the big race day, however, because there are supposed to be “rolling hills” and I have trained primarily on flat land.

5. Today’s run was not so great. I keep getting cramps in my right side when running. Does this happen to anyone else, and if so, what do you do about it? Today it was so intense I stopped running after about 1.7 miles. I am going to try for the 2.9 miles again tomorrow.

6. I have done terrible with my April goals. I haven’t even read 2 books (I’ve read 1 and a quarter, maybe). And with all the research papers I have to grade, I don’t think I’ll be finishing one before Friday comes. Oh well.

7. I need some new running songs. Anyone have suggestions? No bad techno, please. 🙂

I will end there. 7 is the perfect number, after all.

11 thoughts on “It’s That Time of Year

  1. Praying that you get chosen for the job! I think you would do an awesome job at it! I always loved your classes:) And for the polish chipping…it’s all in your top coat! A base coat and a top coat are two totally different things. Most people use a base coat as both. Splurge on a really good top coat! I recommend OPI.

    And thank you for the prayers! I’m so excited about my trip! I’ve been to Mexico on family vacations, but that it is about it. I’m nervous and ecstatic all at the same time!


  2. Wolf Parade “You are a Runner and I am My Father’s Son”
    Anything upbeat by Jimmy Eat World (“Bleed American” is my all time favorite running song.)
    I also run to a lot of Switchfoot and OKGo songs.


  3. 68lbs? Holy crapola, you have totally rocked the weight loss Erin!

    My mom sent me an email the other day and said “Did you notice Erin changed her picture on her blog? She has lost a lot of weight, you should make sure to tell her that”

    I laughed because I didn’t even realize she read your blog but I think she found it because you commented on mine. Anyways, my mom says congratulations!


  4. <> Jen, that is too funny about your mom’s comment! She commented on my blog once, I think after I commented on the fact that I thought it was amazing she read your blog since mine hardly knows what a blog is! She seems really sweet. Tell her thank you for me! 🙂 <>


  5. 1. I hope you get the job!
    2. Cramps when you run: I was told by an Army Trainer cramps are caused because we tend to breath in when we step with our right foot, thereby pulling the muscles/organs on the right side (breathing in pulls the muscles up / stepping out pulls the muscles down, stretching them too far). To combate cramps, breath in when you step out with your left foot, breath out when you step with your right foot. Since I’ve done this, I do not get cramps when I run. Hope that helps!


  6. 68 pounds is incredible! Congrats!

    I really hope you get that job. I know that it would do a lot for your mental health. 🙂

    When I want to get moving, I really like Shania’s ‘Come on Over’ CD. But Im a country girl, so I stay away from much of anything else!

    good luck with all of those research papers! I always had to remind myself that professors hated them just as much as I did, because they have just as much work to do to grade them all!


  7. A few from the “on the go” folder in my iPod:

    “Learning to Fly” by Tom Petty
    “Let Go” – Frou Frou
    “I Get Around” – The Beach Boys
    “Stayin’ Alive” – Bee Gees
    “Pour Some Sugar on Me” – Def Leppard
    “What a feeling” – Irene Cara
    “Final Countdown” – Europe
    “Eye of the Tiger” – Survivor
    “Beautiful Day” – U2
    “Such Great Heights” – The Postal Service
    “Apache” – The Sugar Hill Gang


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