American Idol: Top 7 (Again)

Since the judges saved Matt last week, we still had 7 contenders for this week’s disco theme. No one was truly terrible, but no one was all that exciting, either, with the exception of my man, Kris Allen. He rocked “She Works Hard for the Money” and made it sound amazing (it didn’t sound much like disco, but that’s not really a bad thing in my opinion). I really hope he makes it to the finals, since he’s basically the only remaining contestant I care about.

Click the video below to hear his performance, complete with a picture of that adorable and yet bizarre facial contortion he makes when hitting high notes.

Tonight 2 Idols will leave us for good. My predictions? Lil and Anoop.

3 thoughts on “American Idol: Top 7 (Again)

  1. I don’t watch American Idol, but EVERYONE sounds terrible doing disco. It’s like, a natural law. It’s the only genre where I cannot think of a single aspect, song, or practitioner of it that I enjoy. The only thing that comes close is techno. *bobs head to her jug band music*


  2. I can’t say I’ve noticed Kris’ adorable contortions before hitting the high notes, but somebody has because he hasn’t even been in danger. The Archuleta fans? Is he the fave of the pre-teen girls?


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