C25K: Looking Ahead to Week 7

I completed W6D3 today, a 25-minute run! It wasn’t bad at all, and I did it in a light drizzle. I wasn’t excited when I found it was raining outside, but the thought of running 25 minutes on the treadmill was enough to get me outside. The light rain actually felt nice and cooling on my skin, and instead of listening to the podcast, I listened to my own playlist of songs since it’s pretty easy to keep track of when 25 minutes has elapsed. I felt great after I finished!

Week 7 looks to be the most intense yet, as to be expected, as it is 3 runs of 25 minutes each. This will be the first week where I will have NO walking intervals, and while that makes me a little nervous, I proved to myself today that I can run for 25 minutes once, so why not keep doing it??

The thing I’m debating is whether I should start running for distance instead of time. The program is set up so that you can either run a certain amount of time (in this case, 25 minutes), or a certain distance (2.5 miles). I’ve been running for time since starting, but with the 5k coming up in 3 weeks, I feel like I need to start thinking more about distance. What I’m thinking now is that I’ll run the first day of week 7 for 25 minutes, and then try running the full 2.5 miles the other 2 days. I’m thinking that at my pace of about 12:40 minutes/mile, that will mean running for a little over 31 minutes. Does anyone have any thoughts/advice for me about this?

3 thoughts on “C25K: Looking Ahead to Week 7

  1. I think that is a fantastic idea. You will have to let us know how it works out for you. You even find that you begin to run a little faster (and build up your endurance more in that way) knowing that you have to run for a distance. It is easier to run slower when you know you can stop after a certain time. When you have to run a certain distance, it is easier to push yourself so that it is finished!

    Good luck!


  2. Sarah, I bet you’re right that running for distance will make me push myself more! I hadn’t thought of that, but I definitely will remember that as I’m running.


  3. It is a small world! I am so impressed with your running. I hope that one day I can really run. Maybe it isn’t too late for me . 🙂 Have fun with it!! I am really impressed that you outran your husband. That is awesome! 🙂


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