American Idol: The Top 9

My favorite performance of the night, and probably of the season, was Kris Allen’s performance of “Ain’t No Sunshine.” He totally made it his own, and he rocked the vocals. Here it is, for your viewing/listening pleasure (the first video I had posted got taken down, so this one just has audio, but that’s really all you need):

I mean, seriously, how awesome was that??

I also liked Danny’s performance, but the rest were kind of lackluster, and Adam’s song choice was random and weird (nothing shocking there).

Who’s going home: Megan or Anoop

On an unrelated note, if you would like to win some Popchips, head on over to this blog entry by one of my favorite bloggers, The Prior Fat Girl.

4 thoughts on “American Idol: The Top 9

  1. I never got on the American Idol band wagon although if you put me in front of the biggest loser and I’m zoned out for the entire hour. Funny how caught up we get in these shows, huh?! What did we ever do before realty tv?


  2. That was great – I have never gotten on the Idol bandwagon – not sure why – but last year I really got into So You Think You Can Dance and can’t wait for it to start again!! Thanks for sharing.


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