C25K Update

Friday was day 3 of week 4, and it was HARD. I almost didn’t complete the last 5-minute run. After the first 5-minute run, my shins were burning, and so I stretched some more, and then after the next 3-minute run, I was feeling fatigued. I started the session at 5.0 mph, but I had to kick it back to 4.8, then 4.7. 4.7! That seems so slow to me, especially when I typically walk at 4.2-4.3 mph. Anyway, the recovery walk before the last run seemed WAY too short, so I took an extra minute to recover, and then I told myself I would only do 3 minutes instead of 5 and call it a day. So I started jogging again, and it was all I could do not to look at the clock every 5 seconds to see how much time had passed. The negative self-talk started up. I started thinking that I would never be able to complete the program, that if I did complete it I would have the slowest time in the world, and on the day of the 5k I’d finish dead last, and that I would never improve. Somehow, I realized the poisonous nature of this internal dialogue and remembered that the quickest path to failure is pessimism, and I stopped the negativity. Then I started imagining I was at a race, and all of my friends and family were cheering me on. 1 minute passed, then 2 and 3, and I told myself, “I’ve already done this much, surely I can do a little more! Just because it’s hard doesn’t mean I can’t do it!” So I ran the full 5 minutes and officially completed week 4!

However, I have decided to repeat week 4. I feel like it was more difficult at the end than at the beginning, which is the opposite of how I have felt previous weeks, and I don’t want to push myself more than my body can handle. It really kills me to repeat a week, and I keep thinking I have failed, but the only way I will have truly failed is if I stop trying. And I’m definitely not going to stop trying.

My plan this week is to focus on doing 2 sessions of week 4 again, and then if I feel good, I may attempt day 1 of week 5. I’m just going to take it a day at a time and be careful and listen to my body.

Now here’s hoping I survive!

4 thoughts on “C25K Update

  1. Erin, that is so incredible! I admire you so much for your perseverence. How do you stick with something that you initially think you wont enjoy? How do you get past that? (Thats where I am at right now. Struggling with going to the gym!)Even if you do go to a 5k and cross the finish line last, you are doing better than the people who never cross the finish line! Finishing something last, doesnt mean failure. It means success! And when you get there it wont matter how many people are in front of you or behind you!!


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