Picture Update and Weekly Workouts

It’s been a while since I’ve posted progress pics, so here are two:
The first one was taken on the first day of spring, and look! You can see the faint outline of my clavicle! I haven’t seen that in YEARS.
The second one was taken a few weeks ago after the scale dipped below 200 pounds for the time since early college days. I’m wearing clothing bought in the misses’ department, NOT the plus sizes!

In other news, the husband and I are going to be in Illinois visiting his parents from Monday through Thursday, so this week will be a bit different in that I won’t be able to do any strength training. I will have access to a treadmill, though, so week 4 of C25k will commence! I’m excited! Here’s my tentative plan, subject to change:

Monday: C25k and additional walking (40-50 minutes)
Tuesday: Treadmill–hill intervals (30-40 minutes)
Wednesday: C25k and additional walking (40-50 minutes)
Thursday: Treadmill–hill intervals (30-40 minutes)
Friday: C25k and additional walking (40-50 minutes)
Saturday: Possibly a stability ball workout; I will be in Nashville Friday night and part of Saturday, and it will depend on what I have time for, at least 30 minutes.

Total minutes for the week: 210 (low estimate)-260 (high estimate)
Calories burned goal: 2500

This will be a very bland week in terms of workout variety, but the goal is to just be active and watch portions and snacking while with the in-laws! I’m looking forward to seeing them; I’m blessed to have the sweetest in-laws in existence. 🙂 I won’t be blogging again until after next weekend, so I hope you all have a great week!

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