Week 3 Completed!

I finished W3D3 today, and it was great! Yesterday I had a really strong urge to run, even though I had just done my C25k the day before. Actually wanting to run is a new feeling for me, but I LOVE it! I had gotten into a bit of a fitness rut, and running is just what I needed to make me excited about exercising again! Anyway, yesterday I decided I would just do a short 3-minute run during my walk, and so after my warm-up walk I started jogging. 3 minutes came, and I thought, “I could do 30 more seconds.” So I did, and then I thought, “I could do a minute more,” and then the next time I checked the time, it had been 5 minutes and 30 seconds! I haven’t run for that length of time EVER! And I felt like I could have kept going, but I know it’s important to pace myself and not attempt too much, so I stopped and started walking. I felt AMAZING after that walk and so proud of how I am changing my endurance levels.

Today’s session was good as well. I have done my past 3 runs outside, and I really enjoy it. I love the feel of the fresh, cool air in my face and the sounds all around me. I want to get in some treadmill runs, though, because I have no idea what my pace is when I’m running outside, and I want to start paying more attention to that and try to increase it a little each week. I tacked on an extra 5 minutes of jogging to the end of this session, too, as next week’s C25k involves 5 minute jogs, and I want to be ready. I think at the beginning of this program I would have freaked out when seeing those 5-minute runs on the schedule, but not anymore. Now I am ready and waiting! I can’t wait to see my progress at the end of the 9 weeks!

5k race, here I come!

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