American Idol: The Top 11

This week was Grand Ole Opry week, and I never have high hopes for this week because country is just not for everyone. Last night was better than I was expecting, but overall it was “just a’ight.”

My favorites:
1. Anoop singing “You Are Always on My Mind”: the ballad is a perfect genre for him, and he was excellent on this song. Hopefully people will begin taking him more seriously.
2. Allison singing “Blame It on Your Heart”: I really like this girl; she’s ridiculously talented, in my opinion, and I thought the song choice was a good one.
3. Megan singing “I Go Out Walking After Midnight”: The girl had the flu and you wouldn’t have known it had the judges not mentioned it. I know her voice is pretty limited in its style, but I can’t help but like her, weird hip gyrations and all.
4. Kris singing “To Make You Feel My Love”: Initially, I thought his performance was kind of boring, but it’s grown on me a lot. I could imagine hearing it on the radio. He has a lovely voice.

The mediocre:
1. Danny singing “Jesus Take the Wheel”: I like the gravelly quality to his voice, but the beginning of the song was a bit rough.
2. Lil singing “Independence Day”: She should have chosen a different song, as this one just didn’t work. However, I don’t think she should have chosen “I Willl Always Love You,” as the judges said, because I have no doubt that then they would have said it was a safe choice.
3. Alexis singing “Jolene”: I like her some weeks, and then other weeks I don’t. I just can’t decide. Plus, Brooke White sang this song last year, and did a much better job, I think.
4. Matt singing “So Small”: I love this song, but Matt’s voice has this nasally, whiny quality to it that I can’t get past.

The below average:
1. Michael singing “Ain’t Going Down Til the Sun Comes Up”: I had a hard time understanding the words, and he needs to open his mouth more when he sings.
2. Scott: I like his piano playing and his spirit, but the vocal’s just not there.

The horrendously bad:
1. Adam singing “Ring of Fire”: There are no good words to describe this performance. It was bizarre, uncomfortable, absurd, and, to borrow Simon’s word, “indulgent.” In short, it was a disaster. He deserves to go home just because of that.

The bottom 2: Megan and Michael
Going home: Michael

5 thoughts on “American Idol: The Top 11

  1. Loved your comments about Lost on Rocks in my Dryer… I can’t stand Rose and Bernard just disappearing either! I heard a theory that maybe they’re the Adam and Eve bones that were found in the cave in season 1, and that theory is about as good a one as I’ve got, but I really, really want one of the characters to acknowledge that they’re gone, NOW!Grrr, exasperating. :p Looking forward to clicking around your blog!


  2. I think Lil and Danny are still the favorites, they just both chose songs that take way too long to build. Hurry up and get to the chorus and those big notes, already!


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