Weekly Workouts: Mar. 9-Mar. 15

I took a break from planning workouts last week, but I kind of felt scattered without a plan, so I’m back to it. However, I’ve changed my plan every week I’ve had one, but having something on paper helps me focus and gives me that option.

Monday: 50 minute walk (W2D1 of Couch25K)
Tuesday: Cardio and weights at the gym (50-60 minutes)
Wednesday: W2D2 of Couch25Kand some stability ball work (50 minutes)
Thursday: Cardio and weights at the gym (50-60 minutes)
Friday: W2D3 of Couch25Kand additional walking (50 minutes)
Saturday: Cardio and weights at the gym OR at home, depending on what I feel like (50-60 minutes)
Sunday: Pilates for abs, lower, and upper body (30 minutes)

Total minutes: 330-360 minutes

I had planned not to go over 300 minutes a week, but when looking back at January to determine why I lost twice as much weight as in February, I was burning 3000-3700 calories a week and exercising a minimum of 30 minutes a day, and I want to get back to that range in the hopes of seeing better weight loss this month. We’ll see what happens!

Tell me your thoughts! I'd love to read them.

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