It’s a Love-Hate Relationship

I love clothes. They’re kind of important. And I love cute clothes. I don’t, however, always love shopping. You know why? Because every time I go shopping I am forced to try on each pair of pants in at least two different sizes. Why? Because clothing manufacturers all have a top-secret formula for determining clothing size, and they apparently aren’t sharing formulas. Shopping then becomes a cosmic guessing game. Will I be a size 18 or 16? Plus-sized or regular? So I just grab a little everything and hope I can find a pair that isn’t hideous, grossly overpriced, and fits. When I think of all the variables to consider, I deem it a small miracle when I find a pair (or on an extremely fortuitous day, two pairs) of pants.

Take my latest shopping venture, for example. I am in a frustrating place when it comes to sizing because a lot of plus-sized clothing no longer fits (hallelujah!), but many misses clothes don’t fit, either. So when I went to JC Penney, I grabbed pants from both sections, not knowing what in the world to expect. What’s interesting is that I tried on size 16 and size 16W, and there seemed to be NO difference in how those two fit in one brand. But in another brand, the 16W was too big, but a regular 16 was too small (and there was no regular 18 to try, nor was there a 14W). It’s enough to give a girl a headache! I ended up buying two pairs of pants (size 16W), and even though I would have preferred to have pants without the “W” on the end, these were on sale and looked good, so I bought them. Ultimately, it isn’t about the number on the clothes, it’s about how those clothes make me feel.

Is it too much to ask for a little consistency when it comes to clothing sizes? Why is it so hard to create a consistent sizing system that all manufacturers use? Can you imagine how much easier that would make shopping?? I would love to be able to walk into a store and pick a pair of pants off a rack and know they’ll fit, but I suppose that will only happen in my dreams.

Does anyone else have this problem, or is it just me? Surely I’m not alone in this craziness.

7 thoughts on “It’s a Love-Hate Relationship

  1. I completely agree that there is no universal size. I fit it one size in one store, but I fit into a bigger size in some other store. Clothes never fit right. I come home crying sometimes 🙂 But, I have to add that I completely love reading your blog. You’ve encouraged me to not give up- as I had before. Thank you so much for your honesty, because I have had a really hard time with admitting my weight problem- besides just cutting myself down.


  2. Sizes are awful! The “experts” say that we shouldn’t buy based on the size, but the fit. I think all size tags should be removed from all garments. Those little numbers were put there to make women go crazy! You look awesome!


  3. Oh my gosh. I totally sympathize. You know what? I wear three, count ’em, THREE different bra sizes. And I don’t mean from different brands: I always buy from victoria’s secret.And I went jean shopping here in Croatia, and the jeans have four different sizes on them: USA, Germany, Europe (evidently germany, in jeans-land, is not part of europe), and Mexico. None of these are the same size I wear in the US. none of them are waist measurements, in inches or centimeters.I haven’t even THOUGHT about buying a bra here yet.


  4. All clothes are cut different. Not only do I get frustrated with trying on pants because of my size but because I am a seamstress. Clothing ( including expensive) are made so poorly. Be happy to know that you are living good and exercising daily. That is what matter when it come to ‘trying’ on clothes. KEEP REACHING…. you inspire me.


  5. The first observation I made about shopping with Val is that there are six million clothes in stores for women, and yet none of them fit ANY one and that no woman is an actual size that is determinable by the numbers on the racks.


  6. so..I just came across your blog again–I used to read your blogs a lot but had not in a while since I “left” the blogging world (and simply became a blog stalker). I really enjoy your’s always an enjoyable read for me! You just MAY have inspired me to start blogging again… 🙂Oh and P.S. yeah clothing sizes are for the birds… I wish that every store had a magic machine where you could step inside it and it would customize the fit to your body type. Then again, I guess that would be called a “tailor”.


  7. what? Don’t you realize you are asking the clothing companies to actually agree on something?! hehe…seriously, i totally agree with you. It’s actually a roller coaster of emotions because one day I think I’m in a tiny size and the next day I’m in a way bigger size.


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