Weekly Workouts: Jan. 18-Jan. 24

I initially thought about making this a “light” cardio week because I’ve been working out a lot this month due to my committing to 30 minutes a day for 30 days and my desire to get rid of the holiday heftiness, but I decided to wait and do a light week next week after I’ve had 3 straight weeks of logging lots of fitness minutes.

My total minutes for the week of Jan. 11: 322 (excluding bootcamp videos for days 2-7)
Total calories burned: 3667 (also excluding bootcamp videos; about the same as last week!)

This week’s plan
Sunday: Walk at Home: Fat Burning Walk (miles 1&2) and Bootcamp Day 1 Video—35 min. total
Status: DONE
Calories burned: 384

Monday: 10 Minute Solutions: Fitness Ball Workouts (30 min.) and Bootcamp Day 2-36 minutes total
Status: DONE
Calories burned: 383

Tuesday: Biggest Loser Bootcamp Levels 1 &2, Fat Burning Walk (mile 3), Bootcamp Day 3—60 min. total

Wednesday: Balance Ball for Lower Body, Upper Body, and Core, Bootcamp Day 4—70 min. total

Thursday: Biggest Loser Bootcamp Levels 1&2, Biggest Loser High Intensity Cardio, Bootcamp Day 5—65 min. total

Friday: Fat Burning Walk (miles 4&5), Less Is More Cardio workout, Bootcamp Day 6—65 min. total

Saturday: Strength training and cardio at the gym, Bootcamp Day 7—60 min. total

Total minutes: 391

A note about calories burned: If you want to get the most accurate estimate of how many calories you burn doing an activity, the best thing to do is buy a heart rate monitor. I was able to get mine for the low price of $25, but most models that include calorie burn estimates along with heart rate readings cost anywhere from $70-200. If you’re serious about losing weight, though, I highly recommend getting one.

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