Reader Poll: Christmas Cards

I want to send out Christmas cards this year. I didn’t last year b/c I had too much going on around the time that cards needed to be sent out, but I am determined to this year. The thing is, I can’t decide who to send them to (just family? family and select friends? everyone I’ve ever known?), and I also can’t decide what to do with the cards. I have cards I bought last year on clearance after Christmas, but I feel like it would be lame to just sign our names, but I also don’t want to write a note in every card.

With all of that being said, my questions to you, my dear readers, are these:

1. How do you decide to whom you’ll send cards?
2. Do you just sign your cards? Or do you type up a family update type thing? Or do you send a photo card?

Please help me out by offering your best Christmas card advice!!

7 thoughts on “Reader Poll: Christmas Cards

  1. My mom always buys Christmas cards on clearance the year before and just writes “Merry Christmas!” with our names underneath on every card. I think if you add a little extra besides your names like “Hope you have a good Christmas” or something, it makes it a little more personal without having to write a note on each one. I’ve always sort of liked the idea of a Christmas letter, so you could always just sign your names on the card and insert a sheet of paper with a family update typed with the generic, “Dear Family and Friends…”Photo cards are also cute. I would love to do a photo card next year if they’re not too expensive. I always love getting photo cards, because you get to see what the kids look like or how the couple has changed over the past year…it’s nice…If I had to choose, I would send a photo card just because I think they’re cute with a Christmas letter as my second choice. I’ve never sent out Christmas cards, though, since I’m not married yet. I’d like to send out a photo card next year, though.As for who to send to…hmmm…I would say the people that send you a Christmas card each year (aunts, uncles, etc.) along with family and maybe your closest friends. Christmas cards seem like they’re not as popular with our generation as our parents’ generation, but I still love them and want to do them. So, I definitely think it’s a great idea!!!


  2. I send a card to mostly family (aunts, uncles, cousins, etc)- but do include some close – longtime friends – if you aren’t careful – it will get very expensive. For YEARS now I have sent a poem that I make up – usually a paragraph that has to do with each member of the family – something that is going on with them – such as this year I mention that Sarah and Whit are getting married, etc. Everyone loves getting them and looks forward to it. ONe year I wasn’t able to send them and MANY of my aunts and uncles said it messed up their entire Christmas because they looked forward to my poem. ha ha I doubt that but I’m glad they enjoy it. Last year because of the diagnosis happening right before Christmas, etc I didn’t send one out – just couldn’t so this year I have already written the poem and am looking forward to mailing to everyone. That’s just what WE do – whatever you do – make it a tradition!!


  3. bryan and i are doing christmas cards this year too, we got this deal on where you can get 20 photocards for just 1 cent each! we didn’t do them last year since we were too busy too but i’d like to start that as a tradition with us… i think the family letters Can be ok, but they can also become rather obnoxious i think–i like to get cards with announcements about marriages and school and new babies, but bryan’s cousins send him stuff like “so and so bought herself a corvette and is now making such and such money!”so that’s just my experience with it!


  4. At Christmas time I usually just buy multi packs of cheap cards for convenience but this year I wanted to do something different, and I was looking online at the < HREF="" REL="nofollow">moonpig cards<>, and I have personalised and sent some to my closest friends and family. I think they will be presently surprised with these personal cards this year.


  5. Now that you can buy stamps that will be usable in 4, 6 or even 10 years, I am planning to buy stamps through the year so the cards will not be as expensive in the future.


  6. We’ve done the photo cards and the regular, just depends on how much time is left before we think about it. To decide whom gets a card, we go through our address book and get the immediate family and closest friends first, then extended family, then if we have time, acquaintances. We just like sending them out. Val usually just signs her name with a “Merry Christmas”, but naturally I have to try to get all cute and funny and add a note or two.


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