Blogging Break

I’ve made myself a promise not to blog until I finish grading the stack of papers currently sitting ungraded, but let me just say that yesterday I (or my mom, actually) totally bought a pair of jeans from the MISSES section!! It was a great moment, my friends. Here’s hoping there are more to come. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Blogging Break

  1. good resolution, i do that too, except i only teach once a week so i don’t grade very much. misses jeans, yay!! i think going down a jeans size is the most wonderful of feelings


  2. Congratulations Erin!! That’s wonderful – so proud of you. Just the thought of all those papers makes me tired – ha ha – that’s why I taught elementary music – NO PAPERS TO GRADE!!! ha ha


  3. I understand your grading woes…and yay for the new jeans size…that is a great feeling. 🙂 I have actually been inspired by your good health and exercise habits and I worked out for the first time in over a year today! It felt really good to get sore and out of breath…I am going to try to work out twice a week in the wellness center now…


  4. my mom always thinks i’m pregnant too whenever i faint or feel sickish. i think i just faint easy though…which will make it hard for us to tell when i actually do get pregnant, since fainting or getting mysteriously sick aren’t weird things for me, haha.


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