Glimpes of My Weekend-O’-Fun

Union was on fall break last Thursday and Friday, so Stephen and I headed up to southern Illinois to visit his parents. On Friday we went to a local park and had a great time, as evident in these pictures:

On Sunday night, I met up with my two best friends and former college roomies, Marya and Emily, and we had a dinner and spa night! It was also an early birthday celebration in my honor, as the day of my birth is Oct. 22. These girls are so precious to me, and I cherish the time we get to spend together! It was a perfect night!

2 thoughts on “Glimpes of My Weekend-O’-Fun

  1. I want a spa night!And oh yes, I seriously love your husband’s Dunder Mifflin shirt…and did you know that a “recent study” is from 1990? Yes, a student claimed a study from 18 years ago is recent. Huh…


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