–One of my students in class today, after I mentioned the facebook group I created for my students: “I love having a younger teacher who knows how things work. Some other profs just look at the computer and get stressed.” HA.  

–One of my other students, on coming to class: “I love this class. I look forward to coming it to every week.” (Bless her!)  

–One of my other students, commenting on another student’s request that she be allowed to bring her son to class (I said no because no work would get done): “Well, maybe she could bring him on a day when we don’t do anything important.” Oh okay, so that would be never, then!  

–Finally, my favorite: “Mrs. Mount, do you know what grinding is? Like the dance style?”  

Oh, the things they say! And this was only one class.

3 thoughts on “Unscripted

  1. Great entry – I do miss teaching when I read these comments. hmmm…. on the grinding comment. Thanks for sharing Erin. I wish you were in my district because my kids would love you! It isn’t too often you find great teachers like you.


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