Successful September

I lost 8.4 pounds this month!! I have not lost that much in a month since my first month on SparkPeople. My total weight lost is now 43.8 pounds. Sometimes I still can’t believe I’ve lost that much weight.

The funny thing is, I have NO idea what was different about this month. The only thing I can think of is the fact that I cut back my cardio from 6 days to 4 days so I could focus more on healthy eating. I was worried that cutting back to only 4 days would hurt me, but it looks like it’s been very beneficial to me. I really have been paying more attention to the food choices I make, and when I do workout, I make each workout awesome. So I’m going to keep to my 4-day workout schedule while throwing in the occasional 5th day if I want to. I do miss working out every day, so if there are days when I want to workout but don’t have it scheduled, I’ll do it anyway.

I love having the freedom to experiment with my fitness plan, and I love how I am feeling about myself and my body. Now that I’ve lost almost 44 pounds (!), I truly believe I can make it to my goal. There is no turning back! I will not give up or give in! I just keep visualizing myself in the misses section of the clothing store, with my pick of clothes to wear. I cannot wait!

4 thoughts on “Successful September

  1. Congrats! Keep in mind, that while you were working out 6 days a week, you were also building muscle tone, hence a lower weight loss, because you were gaining muscle. Now that you have cut back, you will probably notice more loss since your muscle won’t be building as much 🙂 Way to go on your results!


  2. no, not oversharing at all! i’m always glad to know that other literary/writerly types feel the same way. like you said, i think its something that we just have to guard against and not indulge. i think i will check out my library for workout dvds! i like the one i have, but its just working out, dancing would be much much more fun!!


  3. i think massachusetts is also heavily democratic…everyone just Assumes your a democrat here! like my work gives out obama buttons for your shirts, and my boss tells me about all these youtube things making fun of mccain! i just lay low. haha


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