The Incredible Shrinking Woman

Okay, so my “shrinking” isn’t “incredible” just yet, but I’m getting there! Here is a group of three pictures of me, taken at different times during my weight loss: on March 30, July 23, and Sept. 21. As of yesterday, I have lost 40 pounds. As you can see, I still have a LONG way to go, but I really love seeing how far I’ve come. (And yes, I know these are not terribly flattering pictures, but if I just wore baggy clothes, I wouldn’t be able to see the difference as clearly.)

This weekend I bought a new pair of pants in a size I haven’t worn in about four years! It’s still a plus size, but it’s definitely toward the low end. If I am this excited right now, I can’t imagine how excited I will feel when I can shop in the misses’ section! I am pretty certain there will be tears, and you can bet I will document the whole experience for all two of my readers. 🙂

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