More Adventures in Extended Session

Stephen and I got to spend another wonderful time in extended session today (read about our previous experience here), and we had eleven children all to ourselves. (Imagine our excitement as kids kept streaming in. It was truly wondrous.) Then we found out that there is really no lesson for that day, so we could just find a craft for them to do or let them play for the whole time. Awesome. Being the structured control freak that I am, I had a panic attack in my head as this was being told to me, but I just smiled and ran to get the one thing I knew we could excite them with: snacks! We got through that relatively easily, and then fortunately the children’s minister saw how many kids we had and realized we needed something for them to do, so she brought us a video that tells a short Bible story. Half of them were more engrossed in each other than the video (“Hey, can I wear your necklace?” or “Why can he have his car with him but I can’t?”), but at least they were all sitting in one place. After the video, we gave them activity sheets to color, but some kids preferred sticking the crayons in their ears and noses to actually coloring. (One kid seriously insisted that coloring made his arms hurt.) It’s scary to think that other children will be using those crayons. I guess we should have thrown them away or something? After coloring time, we took them to the room next door, which had all kinds of toys for them to play with, and they entertained themselves very well. One girl delighted in running around with fake tubes of ketchup and mustard and squirting them at Stephen, all while giggling profusely.

We had a little bit of time left before the church service ended, so I got them together for a game of “Simon Says,” which is the only children’s game I could think of (how sad is that?). I was Simon at first, but then I let the kids take over. Some of them didn’t quite “get” the concept, though, because a few of them would say something like, “Simon says, jump up and down!” and then when everyone did so, he’d say, “Nope, Simon didn’t say!” And he’d literally said “Simon says” 2 seconds prior. It was quite hilarious.

There were some really sweet kids in there, and a couple of them provided us with laughable moments (we didn’t laugh at the time, but you can bet we did later). One boy, who is a complete sweetheart, was showing Stephen the different colors that he liked, declaring them “so pretty.” When Stephen handed him a red crayon and asked him if he liked red, the boy said, “Red is not one of the beautiful colors.”

There was another boy, I shall dub him Bobblehead, who had a tendency to bob his head from side to side. At one point Stephen overheard one of the girls ask him why he did that, to which he replied, “So my head doesn’t fall off.” Where on earth did he get that idea??

All in all, another entertaining and enjoyable experience (aside from the quick view of a bottom that Stephen got when he saw that one of the boys was using the restroom but had neglected to shut the door). 🙂

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