Today I had my students write about what they remember about September 11, 2001. Then I discovered that most of them were in sixth grade at the time. I was a sophomore in college! I now feel very old.

Where were you when it happened? And does anyone else remember what they were wearing that day? I do, and I find that kind of strange.

3 thoughts on “Remember

  1. I was coming out of my first class at Union for the day. The classroom was over by the small gym. We all stood around watching the tv for a while. Somehow we all knew to go to the chapel. I have no idea what I was wear though.


  2. I was in the 10th grade on 9/11/01 and I was homeschooled…so we didn’t have school that day. My mom just came in and told my sister and I, “girls, our country is under attack.” I remember being really confused and not knowing what that meant and then we followed her to the living room to watch TV. It was very surreal. I remember I had nachos with chili for lunch that day.Sixth grade…wow…that does seem really young. Yesterday, I was thinking about how my 8th graders were born around 1995 or 1996 and I realized that meant I was ten years older than them…that mostly made me feel good, though, because they seem really young and immature to me. =PThis was a good reflective post…thank you for sharing…by the way, GREAT assignment!


  3. i was in school…i remember our teacher leaving the classroom, and lots of teachers walking through the hallways talking and talking. i only remember what i was wearing because we had to wear uniforms =)


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