What Will You Do with the Time That’s Left?

I’ve been thinking about this for a while, and I have friends who have made lists, and then Stephen and I just watched Bucket List last weekend, so it’s time. Here is my own list of things I want to do before I die.

1. Own a home.
2. Have at least one child.
3. Lose 100 pounds (63 to go!).
4. Visit all 7 continents (I’ve been to Africa, Europe, Asia, and of course, North America, so all that’s left are Australia, South America, and Antarctica).
5. Visit Italy and ride in a gondola and see the Trevi Fountain and St. Peter’s Basilica (among other things).
6. Ride in a hot-air balloon.
7. Go sky-diving.
8. Visit all 50 states.
9. Sew an item of clothing. (Or at least learn to sew on a button. How sad is it that I can’t do that?)
10. Take a picture of the perfect sunset.
11. Stay up all night and watch the sunrise.
12. Sleep under the stars on the beach.
13. Go to SeaWorld.
14. See a whale in the wild.
15. Ride a camel in Egypt.
16. Kiss in the rain.
17. Volunteer at a soup kitchen.
18. Surprise a stranger with $100.
19. Lie in a hammock on an island beach.
20. Run a 5k. (Hey, I have to start small.)
22. Walk 15 miles in one day.
23. Learn all the correct swimming strokes.
24. Make a quilt.
25. Go to New York City during Christmastime.
26. Kiss underneath mistletoe.
27. Write a novel.
28. Read 100 books in a year.
29. Take Stephen to a World Series game.
30. Throw a fancy dinner party (thanks for the idea, Renee!)
31. Stay in a cozy mountain cabin with Stephen for a week (preferably in the fall or winter).
32. Go sailing in an ocean.
33. Catch a fish.
34. Write a children’s book.
35. Teach my nephew and my future children about Jesus.
36. See 5 people come to know the Lord.
37. Cook a meal without measuring anything.
38. Find the perfect red dress.
39. See a Broadway show.
40. Go snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef.
41. Teach all the world that “a lot” is two words!

Okay, so the last one is kind of a joke, but seriously people, if you read this blog and learn nothing else from me, learn that one thing: “alot” is NOT a word!

It looks like I’m going to need a good amount of money to accomplish the things on this list. Or a lot of frequent flyer miles. πŸ™‚ Stephen, we need to start saving now!

What’s on your list?

6 thoughts on “What Will You Do with the Time That’s Left?

  1. i hear that when a person writes their goals down, they’re more likely to get them accomplished, so i think its great to make these sorts of things! i enjoyed reading your to do list, and i hope you do everything on it!


  2. I think these are great goals! I had an account at 43things.com for a while with a bunch of stuff I wanted to do, but I probably need to make a new list. I love your #4, #6, #8, #27, #28, #34, and #39 goals…and your last one! “Alot” always bothers me too! =) Good luck with your list.


  3. i love hearing your grad school stories! when this semester gets crazy it will be good to know that grad school is Surviveable and at least one person i know has made it through =)


  4. Erin! Great list!!!! There are a few that can be taken care of by Mr. Stephen himself…the kissing in the rain and under the mistletoe..(well it better be him that takes care of them!!)I hope that you get to do every single thing on that list…you are worth them all!!


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