Sometimes a plus is a negative

I’ve now lost 35 pounds! I’m so excited! And while that is a lot of weight, I still have 65 pounds to go. The thought of losing 65 more pounds can be daunting at times, so I thought I’d discuss what the most exciting part of losing all this weight will be: Buying clothes that are NOT in the plus size department. The day that I can walk into a store and shop in the misses’ department will be a glorious day (and you can bet I will cry and then blog about it later). Those of you who have never been a “plus size” (and who came up with that terminology??), this is a huge deal because for every 3 items of misses’ clothing in a store, there is maybe 1 plus-sized item. Sometimes I still get so mad when I go into a store like Target or Kohl’s and see the wide expanse of clothes for women sized 0-18 and then see the itty bitty corner of the store devoted to women who require a larger size. And in that itty bitty corner of the store, there is even less likelihood that what is there will be at all appealing, as apparently many fashion designers think that people who are overweight only want to wear polyester pant suits, denim with elastic waistbands, and broomstick skirts. Oh, and if it is cute, it probably costs $50 or more. I realize that clothes can be expensive no matter the size, but it’s much harder to find cute, affordable clothing in my size than in the size I hope to eventually be. When I reach my goal weight, I will have so many more options!

An added bonus of this is that I will no longer feel so embarrassed to go shopping with friends. I have always hated shopping with other people, except for my mom, because I hate that I have to go to a completely different section of the store, while all my cute smaller friends are hanging out together and trying on the same shirt (which of course doesn’t come in my size). So instead of calling attention to the fact that I am “plus-sized,” I just don’t look for any clothes and instead help my friends find what they want. And while that can be fun, it can also be terribly depressing, so I am SO ready for the day when I can go shopping with a friend and we can look at the same clothes!

I think what’s interesting about all of this is that you’d think the dearth of cute clothing in larger sizes would have motivated me to lose weight sooner, but instead I would just go home and cry and eat ice cream. Sad, sad, sad! I’m so thankful that I stopped feeling sorry for myself and decided to DO something. I could cry all I want, but is that going to change anything? NO! I have to decide to change, and then I have to act on that decision. So I’m going to keep going until I am where I want to be, and I can walk proudly into a store and kiss that itty bitty corner goodbye!

2 thoughts on “Sometimes a plus is a negative

  1. Thanks for sharing your perspective about your feelings on shopping for plus size clothes with your friends. Now, just stay positive and keep working toward your goals. And remember your main goal should be to be the healthiest you. This may not even be a teeny tiny person. You continue to exercise and feed your body good food and be the picture of health. You are doing great!


  2. target is rediculous. i hate even going to the plus because its so hard to walk to that corner and i dont want to be seen there.and then shops that cater to bigger people like lane bryant are too nice and too expensive. i dont have to dress up for my job and i have no where to wear half that crap, and couldn’t afford it if i did. thanks for being so open and honest.


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