Things that Make Me Smile

I previously wrote about things that make me uncomfortable, but this is much more fun to think about!
1. Stephen. I love love love that man! Just seeing him smile makes me smile.
s in room

2. Flowers! Especially flowers that are for me, and daisies and lilies in particular.
flowers 002

3. Bailey. Even though she was Stephen’s dog first, she’s my baby too. She’s quirky and has her flaws, but there’s no other dog like her. I love how excited she is to see us when we come home, even if we were only gone for a few minutes.
pics 001

4. Girl talk. I’m very much a one-on-one kind of person, so when I can get together with just one or two of my dear friends, I am thrilled. I love being in their company, and I love knowing I can be myself without fearing rejection.
theerins 003

5. School supplies. I know it’s silly, but I don’t care; school supplies make me absolutely giddy. I love looking at them, love buying them, love using them. Post-its and colored gel pens=perfection.

6. Target. I’m not sure if this is sillier than school supplies or not, but I love walking around Target. I recall many an hour spent just roaming the aisles, imagining what I would do with this item or that item, and I must always look at everything in the One Spot when visiting. Even if it’s junk most of the time, treasure can be found, like The Office-themed post-its and notepad I found once, or the Napoleon Dynamite pens. You just never know what a trip to Target holds.

7. Books and bookshelves. Seeing a bookshelf filled with books is such a lovely sight. Oh, and the smell of new books is absolutely aroma for the soul.
bookshelf 1

8. Babies and small children. While I don’t always love being around hordes of small ones, I do love watching them interact with people. There are few things as precious as a smile or laugh from a young soul.

9. Singing. I have loved singing ever since I was little, and I hope I can always sing in some capacity. I just recently joined the choir at church after putting it off for months because of nerves, and I’m so glad I joined. Hearing voices swell around me, joining in harmony, soothes and comforts me, and worship through song is very special to me.

10. Gilmore Girls. (Okay, you knew I was going there, right? If you’ve read my blog for a while, you did.) I can’t talk about things that make me smile without mentioning this beloved show (which had a dismally subpar final season, I’m afraid). No show has captured my heart like that one, and I doubt another one ever will, although The Office might come close. I know the episodes backwards and forwards, and I don’t think I’ll ever tire of watching my favorites. If only there were still “fresh” episodes…
I think this list is a pretty good start. Perhaps I shall add to it weekly. What makes you smile?

3 thoughts on “Things that Make Me Smile

  1. I love your list, too! =) I totally agree about Target, by the way. There’s hardly a thing in the world that can’t be cured by a lunch out and a trip to Target, in my book.


  2. I was waiting for the Gilmore Girls one…and I love the bookshelf- if I had my own list like this, I think your blog would be one of the things that makes me happy 🙂


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