Ah, Sweet Procrastination

Because I have papers to grade and a final to write…

What were you doing 10 years ago?

I wish I’d had a blog back then so I could just look it up. Ten years ago would put me at age 16, right before my junior year of high school. I believe that is the summer I went to yearbook training in my very awesome and flashy ’91 Mitsubishi Mirage hatchback (aka The Red Rocket). Gas was about .90 a gallon at that point. Wow. This summer I also went to Honduras for the first time, on a mission trip. My parents had gone the previous year, and I remember after they came back one of the first things they said was, “You two (my brother and me) are coming with us next year.” So we did. It was the first time I ever flew on an airplane, and my mom will tell you that I cried because I wasn’t aware that the plane jerking and shaking didn’t always mean it was crashing; sometimes it is just turbulence. I deny all of this, however. That trip was amazing for many reasons, and I came back a changed person, with opened eyes and an opened heart for the people outside my little corner of the world.

Favorite Snacks

Fiber One Oats and Chocolate granola bar (seriously, so good and so good for you!)

Chex mix-original, cheddar, or turtle


Ice cream sandiwches (I love the Skinny Cow ones, but Wal-Mart also makes a good no sugar added kind with only 110 calories!)

To Do List

Let me consult the one I have already made:

1. Exercise–did it! (I actually wrote this down after I had done it, just so I could cross it off. I have a sickness.)
2. Grade poetry essays–have not even touched
3. Record research paper grades–done
4. Write final exam (which means basically looking at the other 2 finals I’ve written for this class and stealing questions from those)–not done
5. Finish the review game for the final–halfway done (I do a Jeopardy review–how cool am I?)
6. Record daily grades–not done

Jobs I Have Had

Babysitter, sales clerk at The Mole Hole (aka store of junk that breaks easily), perfume sales clerk at Goldsmith’s (now Macy’s), clerical assistant at Union Planters, student worker for the English department, administrative assistant/office manager for an electrical supply company, grad assistant, grad teacher, English professor (I still feel weird referring to myself as that, and technically I’m more of an instructor than a professor, but hey, who am I to quibble?)

Places I Have Lived

All in TN–Memphis, Jackson, and Knoxville (I miss Knoxville)

Bad Habits

procrastinating, picking at my nails, leaving clothes slung over the foot board of the bed, worrying, wiggling my feet (seriously, when I’m sitting down, my feet are dancing around like they’re possessed)

5 Random Things People May Not Know

What don’t you know about me?

I used to record episodes of Boy Meets World and Saved by the Bell and watch them when I got home from high school. I had seen all of them already, but still, I recorded them. I love those shows.

In college, I won a coffee mug at a women’s Bible study because I was the first one to jump up and sing the theme song to Fresh Prince of Bel Air. (An odd icebreaker, but hey, the coffee mug was awesome.)

I have had 3 cars in my lifetime, 2 of which have been either damaged or totaled by a tornado (thank you, Jackson, TN)

I swam with a dolphin when my family went on a Caribbean cruise after I graduated college, and the dolphin’s name was Hannah. She gave me a kiss on the cheek, and we’re now friends for life. I believe I also wrote a poem about her.

I started writing poems in the fourth grade, when my teacher made us write our own poems. I was instantly hooked. I wrote poems through grade school and middle school and high school and college, only to all but stop once I got to grad school. Sadness.

CDs I would want if stranded on an island

Oh man, that’s tough. Definitely something by Tommy Emmanuel (he’s an amazing guitar player–I have a station on Pandora devoted to him), Steven Curtis Chapman (so I could become all nostalgic), the Beatles, U2, and Billy Joel.

What I’d Do if I Were a Billionaire

1) Buy a house with four bedrooms and an office and a large living room and kitchen and a yard with trees that a hammock can hang between. Nothing huge and flashy, just enough room for a child or two and some guests.

2) Buy a vacation house on an island, probably somewhere in the Caribbean. I think it would be amazing to step out your door and onto the beach.

3) Save money for children’s college tuition/weddings, etc.

4) Donate money to church.

5) Take all of my family and Stephen’s family on a trip to Disney World.

6) Tour each of the continents.

7) I also think it would be fun to have a day once a week when I go somewhere crowded, like the mall or movie theater or Wal-Mart, and just hand out money.

8) Help family and friends pay off debt. Debt-free is the way to be!

9) Buy my parents and in-laws whatever they wanted.

10) Spend an entire month in Italy.

Now, for you, my readers: is there anything else you’d like to know about me? Just ask!

3 thoughts on “Ah, Sweet Procrastination

  1. Oh I just loved this post!!!!! Fresh prince and Saved by the bell…funny! That brings back some memories! I was a 90210 girl!!! 🙂 I enjoyed getting to know you better! Keep posting – I just love your blog! Make today count! Work hard!!


  2. Yay for student workers of the English department. =) By the way, I now have a blog for my new married name, heathercadenhead at blogspot, even though it won’t change until December. I’m just that excited, I guess…ha ha.


  3. This is Heather the English major and former student worker that would drop by your office occasionally last year to check mail, by the way (just realized that you might not know who “heather is”).


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