Rain: A Love Story

Rain has followed mine and Stephen’s courtship from the beginning. Take the following examples:
1. We had planned to have a picnic on our first date. It rained. So we saw Mission Impossible III and had our picnic inside instead.

2. 3 months later, Stephen had planned to propose to me on a bridge at Natchez Trace State Park. It rained. He proposed to me in his apartment. It was still beautiful. I still said yes. I still love him.

3. On the afternoon of our wedding, as we were standing in the parking lot of TGI Friday’s, locked out, it rained. We still made it to Nashville’s Embassy Suites, our stop for the night (and it was an awesome hotel).

4. When we went to St. Louis to celebrate our first anniversary and excitedly walked up to the entrance of Six Flags, it rained. When we came back the next day and had ridden just one ride and were in line for another, it rained. We simply donned our totally awesome St. Louis Cardinals ponchos, watched people with looks of envy pass us, and waited it out.

5. Just last week, Stephen and I took his parents and our parents to a Redbirds game. We had front-row seats right behind home plate. I don’t even really like baseball all that much, but even I thought it was amazing. Three innings in, guess what happened? It rained.

I’m not exactly sure what I’m supposed to learn from all of these rainy experiences, except to remember that we choose how to respond to everything that happens to us. In each of these situations, we could have stomped our feet, shaken our fists at the heavens, and bemoaned our bad luck (and I probably did some of that), but did we really lose anything? No. Every time, we ended up enjoying ourselves anyway. And while we’ve been dealt several times of physical rainfall, thus far we’ve been incredibly blessed not to experience that metaphorical rain of hardship, rain that seeps into your soul and causes you to take cover. We praise God for that now, and it is my fervent hope that even when our happiness is clouded by trials, we’ll still praise Him. He is constant, though all around changes. And even when we do face those times, I have no doubt that while we may come through it soaking wet, we’ll be the better for it. Think about all the benefits of rain: Without rain, we wouldn’t appreciate the beauty of sunshine. Without rain, we wouldn’t see rainbows. Without rain, grass wouldn’t grow and flowers wouldn’t bloom. Without rain, crops would die. Without rain, our world be a lot more grim.

If rain means a better us, bring it.

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