Music that Gets Me Movin’

I exercise a lot. I love music. It’s only natural that the two go hand-in-hand. I must have good music to accompany my exercise (unless I’m using one of my fitness DVDs). I pick songs that are upbeat because my body usually follows the tempo set by the music. The songs may not all be incredibly inspiring or deep, but they keep me going. Here’s a list of some of my favorite workout songs, with links to some of their home pages (you’ll have to hover over the name to see the link):

1. “Gonna Fly Now (The Rocky Theme)” from the originaly Rocky soundtrack. When I first began my lifestyle change, I listened to this song every day at the beginning of my workout. As cheesy as this may be, hearing that song really gets me motivated and excited about working out. Being motivated was crucial when I was first beginning because I HATED exercising, and this song just gets me pumped.

2. “Since U Been Gone” by Kelly Clarkson. Despite the fact this song is guilty of the cutesy spelling I abhor, it’s so great for exercise because of its rhythm. I also listen to Kelly’s song “Never Again” quite often. I guess the angst works for me.

3. “The More” by Downhere. I love the lyrics of this song: “The more You show me, the more You grow me / The more Your glory becomes all there is / And the more I know You, the more I need You / The more I love You, the more You become to me. Upbeat and thought-provoking all in one song! Also, the group is offering on their website FREE downloads of their entire album, Wide-Eyed and Mystified!
4. “Shiver” by Coldplay. I’ve always loved this song, and it fits right in with my workout. “Clocks” is another Coldplay song I often listen to while working out (and I walked down to it at our wedding!).

5. “Hypocrisy #785” by Jeremy Casella. Jeremy Casella is an artist I’ve just been listening to for a few months, and I really love his songs. This one in particular has a great message along with a beat that helps me maintain my pace.

6. “Pocketful of Sunshine” by Natasha Bedingfield. This song just makes me happy.

7. “Typical” by Mute Math. Mute Math is one of my favorite bands, and this song’s driving rhythm is perfect for exercise. Click on the link to their website, and you’ll see a YouTube video of them performing the song, and it’s an awesome video because it looks like everything is going backwards. Watch it. It’s amazing.

8. “Control” by Mute Math. This song is also a great workout song, and it contains one of my favorite song lyrics: “There is no better loss than to lose myself in you.” Love it!

9. “Are You Gonna Be My Girl” by Jet. From the first few beats, this song hooks me.

10. “The Way You Make Me Feel” by Michael Jackson. Such a fun song. I never get tired of it.

Others: “Black Horse and the Cherry Tree” (KT Tunstall); “Work” (Jars of Clay); “Revolution” (Grey Holiday); “Move Along” (All-American Rejects); “Beautiful Love” (The Afters)

What gets you moving?

P.S. I’ve lost 26 pounds!! Woohoo!

One thought on “Music that Gets Me Movin’

  1. I listen to a couple of those myself! A few that I love are…The Long Way Around/Dixie Chicks. Stars and Boulevards/Augustana. Wouldn’t it Be Nice/Beach Boys.:) Life is Short and Another White Dash/Butterfly Boucher(if you dont know these download today:)). Mr. Brightside/The Killers. Makes me Wonder/Maroon 5. All Things New/Steve.:) Blush and Real Life Fairytale/Plumb. Anything Rascal Flatts. Okay…I just went down my playlist basically.:) Oh and I need you to go to this womans blog and start reading from the beginning…it is amazing and I know you will love it.


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