Reasons to Celebrate

A little weight loss update for you (well, mostly for me b/c I’m so excited):

I’m beginning the 11th week of my new, healthier lifestyle, and here are some numbers:

15.6: pounds lost. (Yes, I have reached the 15 pound mark!)
3.5: inches lost from my waist
3: inches lost from my hips

I’m very encouraged when I look at my progress in this way. Even though I can’t really visibly see any improvement yet, the numbers mean I’m doing something right. My pants are feeling looser, and I feel better about myself now that I’m doing what I can to take care of my body. I know this pleases God, and that pleases me.

I’m working on trying to develop a reward system for myself. I’ve read some about how that’s a good motivational tool, and I’ve seen a lot of people on Spark People who have developed reward systems. I think it’s a great way to celebrate my progress with something besides food. Originally, Stephen and I thought it would be fun to get a Wii once I reached my goal of 100 pounds, and in order to ensure that I got to that goal, at each 25 pounds lost, we would buy an accessory for the Wii, like a controller or a game. However, now that I’m getting close to my first 25-pound benchmark, the thought of a Wii doesn’t really excite me (or Stephen), so I want to come up with things that will not only be useful but enjoyable. Right now I’m thinking this means clothes. I obviously need to wear clothes, and as I lose weight, I’m going to need smaller ones (yippie!), and what is more fun than shopping when you’ve lost weight??

Anyone have ideas about what my rewards should be? I’m thinking right now that after I lose the first 25 pounds, I’ll buy some new workout pants or perhaps some pants to wear for work, then at 50 pounds, I’ll buy some new tennis shoes, but after that I don’t know. I suppose my rewards don’t have to all be clothing-related; I could buy books or something.

When I reach 100 pounds, I would love to be able to go to Sea World because I’ve never been, but we’ll have to see if that’s feasible or not. How fun would that be, though??

7 thoughts on “Reasons to Celebrate

  1. Do you get manicures or pedicures? If not, that would be a nice goal for your 25 pound marks. That’s something I would look forward to since I can’t afford to get them regularly. I LOVE pedicures…or better yet–a MASSAGE!!! Those are nice pampering, non-food related rewards. I’m all for clothes, but you’ll only be wearing them for so long since you’ll keep on losing weight. I realize mani/pedicures and massages are super temporary, but they are WORTH it!! And yes, of course books are a grea reward! 😉Congrats on the weightloss–that’s fantastic! I’ve fallen off the wagon a bit…


  2. Ooohh, I hadn’t thought of manicures and pedicures! I don’t love getting pedicures b/c I’m self-conscious about other people touching my feet, but a manicure would be lovely, since I rarely get them. Thanks for the idea! I had thought before that I didn’t want to get to many clothes b/c I’ll just have to keep replacing them, so thanks for that reminder!


  3. Yall could go on a cruise for your 100lb goal!! How much fun would that be! Yall could find one that leaves out of New Orleans so wouldn’t be as expensive! You can get them pretty cheap when you book last minute! I also agree with the pedicure idea! Those are so relaxing!!!


  4. Congrats on the weight loss! New workout clothes and spa pampering are great ideas. Or anything else that makes you feel especially pretty, like cosmetics, some nice perfume, etc. You could also reward yourself with things that will make it easier and more fun to keep eating healthy (like a blender, a veggie steamer, a grill, etc).


  5. I think the massage idea is great!!! I love massages but its something you cant get on a regular basis(unless your loaded:)) As your final reward maybe a concert of someone that you have been wanting to see!! You could even go see them in another city for a little weekend trip!!


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