Got Fluid?

I do. In my knee, apparently. Stephen and I spent three hours at the doctor’s office today, two of which were mostly waiting to be seen by the doctor. Then he came in, talked to me for about two minutes, moved my knee around, and sent me off for x-rays. Fun times. The x-rays showed that nothing seems to be wrong with my kneecap, which I suspected anyway because it’s not my kneecap that hurts, but the films did show fluid built up around the knee. That means that I have to go back for an MRI on Tuesday (a new experience for me), and then return for a follow-up with the doctor on the Thursday of the next week. He gave me two prescriptions–cortisone and an anti-inflammatory, and there’s an exercise I’m supposed to do with my knee four times a day. The nurse had me do it while we were at the office, and it hurts. It’s supposed to help in the long run, I guess. I’m supposed to get to the point where I can do the exercise with weight on my ankle, but right now that seems impossible. I need to focus on one day at a time, though. I’m always getting ahead of myself.

I was hoping for a more conclusive diagnosis of the problem, but that didn’t happen. I am worried about the money all of this will cost; I’m paying towards a deductible, and I’m not even sure if my insurance covers x-rays and MRIs, and determining whether or not it does has proven to be somewhat difficult. We’re not destitute by any means, but of course it would be nice not to have to fork over our savings to pay for all of these expenses. All we can do right now is trust God to provide and to work things out. I’m trying really hard to do that, but right now I’m just worried. But if God can feed the sparrow, doesn’t He care even more for me? I believe, Lord; help my unbelief!

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