Golden Arches: 0; Erin: 1

Today I resisted temptation. I was craving McDonald’s french fries ALL DAY, and I was *thisclose* to going through the drive-thru on my way home from work, but then I asked myself, “Do I need these fries?” (NO) “Will I regret eating these fries?” (YES) “Is the temporary enjoyment worth the additional calories, lack of nutritional value, and emotional grief I’ll experience?” (NO)

So I didn’t go. Instead I went home and had a whole wheat piece of bread. Not nearly as tempting as McD’s french fries (which I still think are delicious even after watching Super Size Me twice and seeing this video), but guilt-free. I can live with that.

I also exercised this morning and did not pass out, so there’s another accomplishment. A workout that does not end in unconsciousness = stellar! And to top off this day of achievements, I ate within my calorie range with really no problem at all.

Praise God for His goodness. Through His strength I am made strong.

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