A Scary Experience

I went to the fitness center at school this afternoon to work out since I missed yesterday, and I did a pretty routine workout for me: 20 minutes on the elliptical and 10 on the exercise bike. I did push myself more because I’ve been working on making each workout more challenging than the last so I don’t fall into a rut.

Immediately when I stopped pedaling, I felt this pain in my head and kind of a “rushing” feeling. I sat there for a minute, trying to get my bearings, and then decided to try and get off the bike. Not a good idea, in retrospect. I remember standing up, then feeling dizzy, then the next thing I know the student working there is leaning over me, saying, “Are you okay? Can you hear me?” I completely blacked out!

Apparently a couple of girls saw me kind of fall over and at first didn’t realize I had passed out until they came over and couldn’t get me to answer them. They went and got the worker on duty, who in turn sent for a trainer who happened to be in the gym. She came in and took my pulse and my blood pressure and asked me a bunch of questions. I had eaten before I came and had drunk water, so I don’t think I was dehydrated, but it is possible that I was overheated. The trainer recommended I take it easy for the rest of the day and tomorrow.

I’m feeling much better now; I was really shaken up at first, but I feel better now that I’ve had a nap and eaten dinner. I hope it never happens again, and I realized I need to be more careful and recognize my limits. Toward the end of my workout I felt kind of funny, but I ignored it, and I don’t need to do that in the future.

The thought of missing my workout tomorrow kind of freaks me out a little because I know that is the reason why I’m losing weight, so I’m going to have to be extra careful with my calories. I also might try going on a leisurely walk in the afternoon, just enough to get my heart pumping but not enough to be strenuous.

One thing I’ve realized through this experience and through blowing it yesterday is that I’m not including God nearly enough in this process. I need to be so much more intentional about praying for God’s strength and keeping focused on my true goal: to have a body and a healthy heart that glorifies God (thanks for the reminder, Glenna!). I want to love God mind, body, and soul, and that means honoring Him with my lifestyle. With Him, all things are possible.

2 thoughts on “A Scary Experience

  1. that is scary! i wanted to tell you thank you for how wonderful you have been. your prayers and thoughtful comments have meant so much to me . God Bless and i will keep you in my prayers .Cyndi


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