Feeling Discouraged

I have got to figure out how not to blow it on the weekends! I know as long as I have the “who cares?” mentality on the weekend, I’m going to sabotage myself and never fully change my eating habits.

Last night we went to Buffalo Wild Wings, and I had an amazing buffalo chicken sandwich and fries, and then Hubby and I shared a peanut butter pie. Both of those were NOT healthy, but since it was my “splurge” day I didn’t worry about it. But this afternoon we went to eat at Zaxby’s (I guess we’re really big chicken people), and I decided to be “good” and get a grilled chicken sandwich. I was so proud of myself, but then tonight when I looked up the nutrition info, I found out it was one of the worst things on the menu! I should know by now that restaurants are so deceptive, and that foods that appear healthy actually have hidden calorie killers. In this case, it was the bun the sandwich came on that really put the calories over the edge. All in all, I went over my calorie limit by about 250 calories.

I am just so disappointed in myself and also frustrated that I can’t seem to eat as well on the weekends as I do during the week. I just need to learn that I always need to make healthy choices, and that’s not always fun or ideal, but it is best for my body.

Some days I wonder, though, if I really want to have to worry about counting calories for the rest of my life. I know that if I want to keep off whatever weight I lose, that’s what I’ll have to do. And that kind of depresses me.

I could really use some encouragement / advice about this.

3 thoughts on “Feeling Discouraged

  1. You know, I do the same thing most of the time. The hard part is that all of this diet business has to be looked at with a Christien lens (What!! Did I mention faith in a post about dieting??? Unheard of!). Is the bun inherently bad? No. But, was it the best use of stewardship considering the splurge the night before? Maybe not……which is where I find myself ALL the time: thinking about the decisions I made about food and then realizing that it’s just as much an issue of “surrender” (to use a cliche term) as every other area in my life. For me, it’s an issue that goes waaaaay back in my life. There’s a book called “Love to Eat, Hate to Eat” by Elyse Fitzpatrick that hits on this a lot. Food is food. The decision is most important.Practically speaking, I think you thought about things in retrospect and you’ll be more careful next time. I’ve got to tell you–there are times when I’m in a moment of extreme temptation to overdo it or just to eat out of boredom (when I’m not even hungry) and I have to CRY out to the Lord to help me. (Isn’t that so weird?) Sometimes fixing a cup of tea helps me. It takes time and it distracts me. And, tea has antioxidants in it, so it’s a good choice that fills me up.I don’t know why I just drew so many spiritual conclusion about this. What I MEANT to say is that you’ll slip up from time to time. 250 extra calories is NOT that bad. Just get back on the wagon before the next meal. Don’t wait until Monday to get it back together. 🙂 I’ve only got about 20 pounds to lose, but it is just NOT happening fast, so I’m right there with you on the weekend slip-ups. Hang in there and keep pressing on!!Check out http://www.hungry-girl.com for some weightloss tips. 🙂(and thanks for the comment! we are excited!)


  2. Well now it’s not the time to feel discouraged. In order to wash out this feeling of inferiority you will have to be determined and then everything will turn out normal.


  3. Girl I am right there with you! I struggle on the weekends too! We went to On the Border tonight and I of course chose my usual…..taco, beans, and rice! Not a good choice! I have found that before I go to the restaurant if I look up the menu on line and find the nutritional info…and decide before I ever walk in the door what I am going to order….that helps A LOT! But girl, 250 calories over is not bad! It could always be worse and a little exercise can burn that off quick! Just keeping telling yourself…this is a life change…you will mess up every once in a while, but if you stay focused on your goal, you will be just fine! Kinda like Salvation….it is a life change and we definitely will continue to sin, but we should continually look back to the Lord!


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