Feeling Stronger

Today is day 2, and I’m feeling good, which is of course nice but also to be expected. In the past when I’ve attempted to lose weight I’m always really excited about it for about a week, and then reality sets in: I get stressed or frustrated, I stop working out, and before I know it, my workout DVDs are covered in dust.

I want to make this time different, and I really feel like one of the ways I can do that is by telling myself that I am going to have to make exercise a part of my life, just like spending time with my husband and with God, just like sleeping and reading and watching TV. I’d love it if losing weight was as easy as snapping my fingers. However, losing weight isn’t like performing a magic trick; it requires diligence and commitment and hard work. I get so envious of people who eat junk like I do but weight oodles less, but I am not one of those people, and it’s time for me to stop asking God why and wishing I were someone else. After all, how can the clay question the Potter? Who am I to doubt God’s wisdom, doubt who He’s made me to be? And it’s not as though I came out of the womb weighing this much; while I do think my metabolism plays a part in this, my unhealthy choices probably have a bigger role, so the only finger-pointing should be aimed at me. I’m through playing the blame game, comparing myself to everyone else, and wallowing in pity and negativity. I think that’s how I defeat myself, and I will not be defeated.

How can I lose, when I have God’s power to access, my husband’s hand to hold, and a dream to achieve?

Tell me your thoughts! I'd love to read them.

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