The Extravagant Life

Press secretary Tony Snow is joining the ranks of those who are resigning from their White House jobs. Snow has been battling cancer, but according to Fox News, that’s not the reason for his resignation. According to the Fox News article, “Instead, the father of three said he needs to make more than his salary of $168,000. He can earn far more money on the speechmaking circuit.” Um, what???

This is just further proof that people feel they can never have enough money. They acquire more, and they spend more. Apparently, today the American dream means living beyond your means, subsidizing your lifestyle with credit if need be. If Tony Snow wants to make more money elsewhere, that’s fine. Just don’t expect much sympathy from me.

9 thoughts on “The Extravagant Life

  1. Isn’t it sad that this is how we operate now? Or how we think? NO wonder our country is in so much freakin’ debt! Our nations leaders are saying they need to make more than $168,000 a year. They’re in the top percentage or money makers in America, and thats not enough! Give me a break! I’m with you Erin, no sympathy from me either! There are people starving on the streets and he doesn’t make enough money, ridiculous.


  2. hey, I found your site through Shaun Groves…well, kind of. Anyhow, I was agravated to say the least when I heard that. At first, I thought I hadn’t heard right at all. Coming from a part of the country where 3 of your 5 closest friends were raised on food stamps and then hearing that $168,000 a year isn’t enough was ridiculous.


  3. Yes, you said it. I think often the more we have, the less-wise we become with money. It’s as if we think we can let a little bit slide because we have a “buffer’ and before we know it…we’re in debt.


  4. See, that’s the thing, I have thought about it. I have tired to step back and ask myself if it is really what the Lord wants me to do. The answer is I don’t know. I have looked into international and North American missions a little bit and nothing seems to be clicking with me. I am tired and frustrated at this point, not wanting to stay where I am but not knowing where to go. Sorry, didn’t mean to vent but I am truly lost at this point. I am praying about it, just not hearing much other than silence.


  5. Yea, I agree with you. ryc: As for the hairless arms, they look great. Very pretty. But as with legs, I’m sure I will have to shave them again in a few days or get that razor-sharp stubble.


  6. Yikes. I definitely haven’t made 168,000 bucks yet in my teaching career.I’m sad he’s battling cancer, but he’s battling the disease of greed as well. Both are itching to ruin his life.Sadly, one is preventable and fixable, and it doesn’t sound as though he cares.


  7. I belive if he can’t survive on 168k per year, then he’s living outside his means! That’s crazy! Our family of 4 lives on less than 40k and we live well! I think it’s ridiculous and I’m glad he is resigning. We don’t need him there if he’s in it for the cash!


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