One Day Down…

The first day of class has come and gone. I survived. I’m really curious to see how my classes shape up. Today everyone seemed to be at least mildly interested in what I was saying (or at least pretending to be so), so that’s a plus.

I am worried about how I’ll manage five classes, but I think it will only be terrible when I have 95 papers waiting to be graded (that will happen 4 times this semester). I don’t like to think about all those papers too much. πŸ™‚

I ended each of my classes in prayer, which was so nice, as that’s a privilege I didn’t have at UT. I really hope I can connect with my students and help them become better writers. I don’t want my class to just be one the students just cross off their list of requirements; I want them to leave my class feeling more confident in who they are as writers and as Christians living in the world. I am honored to be at a university that cares about developing a Christian worldview, and I hope I can rise to the challenge.

EDIT: I can’t believe it’s been two years.

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