Honeymoon or Harry Potter?

There’s a couple in Oregon getting married on Friday, and the groom arranged for them to head straight to Barnes & Noble after their reception, where they will be given the first spot in line to receive the new Harry Potter (why do I type “Pooter” every time?). That’s very sweet and everything, but seriously? Reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows on the honeymoon? On the wedding night, no less? Sounds like mixed priorities, if you ask me. (Of course, I’m just glad Stephen and I got married June 2 so I wouldn’t have to choose between honeymoon lovin’ and Harry Potter. Not as if that would be a tough decision or anything.) I love you, honey! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Honeymoon or Harry Potter?

  1. That was so funny! N and I actually stopped by 7-11 on our way from the Ceremony to the Reception because I need a Mountain Dew. We have a lovely picture of me, him and my bridesmaids next to the drink coolers. But the Harry Potter thing? That’s a bit much for me, but then, at least they are doing together. And it’s a funny story to tell others. ~ L


  2. ryc: I think what you said about HP makes sense to me. Being a fan of a particular story line is something I understand. Thanks for such a thoughtful comment!!!!! ~ L


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