Read Other People’s Blogs

My blogging has been woefully sporadic, and I can’t make promises to be more consistent. I’m not sure what has inspired this dry spell I’m having, but while I remain inconsistent I encourage what few readers I have to visit the blogs listed to the right. Keep following along with the 40 Day Fast, and visit today’s blogger, Susanne. If you missed yesterday’s post, I recommend reading it. It’s by a friend of mine, Steven, and it’s a good reminder of the needs all around us, not just across the globe. Also check out Andrew Osenga’s blog post for today, a moving entry about his daughter. Have fun exploring the blogosphere!

One thought on “Read Other People’s Blogs

  1. ryc: I had never read Crane, so I was completely unprepared for the dreary misery he seems to favor. How married life? Still marvelous, I’m sure. ~ L


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