From a Disgruntled Shopper

Dear Wal-Mart,

I’ve been a longtime shopper of yours, often in spite of a desire to go anywhere but Wal-Mart. Your low prices and one-stop-shop appeal, however, keep luring me back. However, I must say that if you wish to keep my business, I highly recommend attending to the following problems.

1. If you’re going to have 8 so-called “Speedy Checkout” lanes, have the decency to have at least half of them open. I can’t even count the number of times I have gone to your store for just a few items, only to find that my “speedy” trip has turned into a “near-eternal” wait because there are only 2 “Speedy Checkout” lanes open, both of which are occupied by patrons who have exceeded the 20-item limit. Which brings me to my next suggestion…

2. If you’re going to have a sign at the “Speedy Checkout” lanes that says “20 items or less,” have the decency to enforce said sign (and it wouldn’t hurt to have it be a grammatically correct sign, one that says, “20 items or fewer”). Just today I was at dear ole Wally World in the “speedy” lane, and both people in front of me had well over 20 items in their carts. Yet nothing was said to these patrons, and people like me, who only have 5 items, are forced to wait behind these rule-breaking fiends. (Of course I could say something to the people in front of me, but confrontation is not my strong point, nor do I want to get into a brawling match over some items in a shopping cart. Plus, I resent the fact that your slack rule enforcement would put me in the position of having to do that. I just want to buy my 5 items in a timely, efficient manner, but it seems I am often unable to do so.

3. Please stop redesigning the layouts of the stores. It is highly frustrating to go to a Wal-Mart in another town, only to discover that I can’t find that much-needed item because the section it is in cannot be found in the place I’m accustomed to finding it. I would think that having a universal layout for all the stores would be somewhat intuitive, but perhaps counter-intuitive is what you’re aiming for. If so, you’re doing a bang-up job. Keep up the good work.

3 thoughts on “From a Disgruntled Shopper

  1. i don’t know if it would solve all of your wal-mart problems, but i find it is worth driving 5 extra miles from my house to shop at the one in Humboldt. It is right up the bypass, NEVER busy, and a much nicer store. speaking of humboldt, you guys should also check out the movie theater in humboldt if you haven’t already! we go there all the time: $4 at night, $3 for matinee, and you can eat all you want because concessions are cheap!


  2. Doesn’t that cute little, bouncy, yellow smiley face in and of itself more than make up for all the trivial inconveniences such as rule enforcement, underemployment, and improper grammar?Signed, Sam Walton


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