What is a story?

Is it more than six words? Hemingway would not think so, for he wrote a story in six words: “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.” Last year, Wired asked other writers to compose their own six-word stories, often with interesting, if not somewhat puzzling results. Here are my attempts (I had to resist the urge to count syllables instead of words, as I’m used to writing nonsensical haikus). What are yours?

Test positive. Time to buy diapers.

Road ending ahead. Brakes don’t work.

Cut the red fuse, the red–

I never should have trusted him.

HT: Freethinker777

One thought on “What is a story?

  1. I heart this post.I’ll have to do a little bit of thinking about my 6 word stories. I’m sure I could come up with something. Have a swell day!


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