Why I Love Marriage

Now that I’ve been married all of 16 days, I feel qualified enough to speak on the many benefits marriage brings. 🙂

1. I get to see my best friend every day. This to me is the greatest thing about being married. Stephen and I spent so much of our relationship not even in the same city, so being in the same house and sharing everything and spending all our time together seems like some sort of dream. We have a lot of fun together, and when he comes home from work my heart is just so glad to see him.

2. He is always there for me. If I’m feeling upset or stressed, as I was this morning, he is there to listen to my (often irrational) concerns, hug me, kiss me, tell me he loves me, and before I know it my spirit is lifted.

3. We’re a team. We both cook dinner, we both clean up, we tackle situations together. It’s fabulous.

4. I have a live-in masseuse. ‘Nuf said.

5. Stephen has a Gamecube, so we can play endless hours of Mario Kart. Can’t beat that.

6. Upon marrying, our movie collection doubled in size.

7. I can get “free hugs” whenever I want.

8. I don’t have to think about myself all the time. That may sound odd, but really, it’s great that I have another person to focus my attentions on. Instead of always thinking about what I want and what’s best for me, I’m thinking about what Stephen wants, what’s best for us, how I can best serve him. In this way I see how much more Christ loves us totally and unconditionally. It’s a lesson in love.

9. Watching TV or a movie is much more fun if you’re watching it with the one you love.

10. There’s someone around to take out the garbage. (Kidding! Well, sort of.)

Obviously, I’m kind of a fan of this whole marriage thing, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

8 thoughts on “Why I Love Marriage

  1. first of all!i cant remember if i have told you lately <> congratulations <> but, if i havent, ive been completely remiss. rest assured that i have thought so several times, and the wedding looked gorgeous and im so excited for you! and the mishap with the figurine was halirious. also, im glad you like being married. it would be a little sad if you didnt.and im going to be nosey, but im interested to know why you finally left xanga. ive been thinking i should switch to something else, but i cant decide what i want to go to, and i even started a blogspot, but i cant make it look like i want it to (i do really like the way xanga looks. i always have.) i dont know. i’d be interested in your thoughts either way. hugs!


  2. I agree with all those reasons. Excellent! The corny joke was GREAT! I love corny jokes, the cornier, the better. Now, I just gotta go out to dinner and tell it. Hmm….


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